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The Francesville Light on Moody Road in Pulaski County

  Author:  2284  Category:(Mysterious) Created:(2/26/2000 8:06:00 PM)
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There has always been a legend that a mysterious light appears on Moody Road southwest of Francesville, Indiana. To see the light, you are to park on a hill next to a tree, which was cut down a few years ago, and turn your headlights off. I saw this light 25 years ago. My family and I drove to Moody Road one night and followed the above procedure. In a short time, the light appeared. As we watched, the light turned colors of red, green, and back to white. I also saw it split into two parts and go back as one. There were times when the light looked as though it was coming closer. My cousin also said that he saw the light three years prior to my experience. He said it danced on the hood of his car. It frightened him so much he claimed he wet himself. There are a few different explanations for this light. One is the story of old man Moody who had an old farm house on this road back in the early 1900's. Legend has it that one night his youngest daughter took the horse and buggy to town and never returned. He went out to look for her and found that she had lost control of the buggy and wrecked into the tree. This light is supposed to be Mr. Moody's latern looking for his lost daughter.

How it changed my life:

It didn't change my life, but it made me a believer in what I saw.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 2/27/2000 7:47:00 AM  From Authorid: 1432    I wish I was back in Indiana so I could check this out...very interesting ..  
Date: 2/27/2000 10:38:00 AM  From Authorid: 4883    This sounds quite similiar to the hornet Spook light near Joplin Mo. I first saw the HSL as a teenager in 1969. I have been actively studying it for over 20 yrs now. Do you recall what year or years you or your friends saw the francesville light. These lights are intriguing to say the least. We are planning several trips to the Joplin area over the next two years as data indicates we should see increased activity. If our data is accurate then the light you have wrote about should react the same. Any info you might have or be willing to share would be appreciated. ~ Phaedrus ~  
Date: 2/27/2000 2:00:00 PM  From Authorid: 4929    I am in Indiana. Lebanon Indiana I would like to see this if it is still there.....email me at k_brian_f@hotmail.com......thanks
Date: 2/27/2000 8:54:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 2284    I saw the light w/ my family around 1975. My cousin saw it a few years earlier. I forgot to mention in the story, that at one time Moody road was shut down by the police because too many cars were traveling it at night to see the light. It is not unusual to have 10 to 15 cars parked up there on the weekends. The story of the Francesville light was once on the television series Unsolved Mysteries. The story of your light was interesting. I have never heard of a similar occurence.  
Date: 2/29/2000 12:50:00 PM  From Authorid: 4375    What's the earliest known account of seeing this light? (other than what the legend says)
Date: 2/29/2000 1:42:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 2284    I have no idea. I saw this in 1975 and had heard of others seeing this while I was still in high school in 1968-71.  
Date: 3/3/2000 1:52:00 PM  From Authorid: 4887    i've heard of this story before.. interesting huh?........LadyDina)  
Date: 3/5/2000 6:42:00 AM  From Authorid: 5220    MYSTERIOUS!~  
Date: 4/26/2000 2:17:00 PM  From Authorid: 5972    sounds interresting wish I could check it out...Slim Shady
Date: 6/13/2000 12:02:00 PM    Ok this is the first time i have ever came to this site... but i came here looking for this exact story.. me and a couple friend last night went to moddy road.. and sure enough.. we did see the light... me and one of my friends got out of the car and started walking toward it.. we got close enough to see a shadow of a man.. at first we thought it was really just a person.... cause the shined the lantern right on us.... but then.. we ran back to the car and drove down to the end of the road... there was no one there... we looked and yelled.. and seen no one.. we went back to the hill and turned around and it was there again... the lantern kept changing colors... it was nuts!!!!
Date: 6/19/2000 4:06:00 AM    Wasn't it the neatest? I am glad to read that someone else has also had the experience out at Moody Road. Some people say it is the headlights from HWY 49 going South.....Jerie
Date: 6/19/2000 9:44:00 PM    OH god.. that was not head lights that i seen there...you know my friends and i went out there the other night again.. and well we heard another story about that road.. it's about a guy on a motorcycle... and well.. we were in the car.. going about 5 miles per hour.. toward the lantern at the end of the road.. and all of a sudden... something starts chasing us.. they are going about 60 miles per hour... and well right when it looked like it was about to hit us.. the light just disappeared... that road is just straight up strange.. it did that about 3 times...
Date: 6/21/2000 5:25:00 PM  From Authorid: 8941    This is a very good story.
Date: 6/30/2000 4:42:00 PM    Been there..dun that..it is true..i live in the town where it is..Rensselaer, Indiana..that is about the coolest thing here!--Brandon
Date: 7/1/2000 9:21:00 PM    im am the porson brandons cousin his reply is right above mine i went there with him and i saw it to it was really cool~jaymz~
Date: 7/25/2000 10:32:00 PM    I grew up at Bass Lake and heard this story many times. I had friends who actually went out there...and saw the lights...I never went. This would have been about the same time frame you were out there. I graduated from Knox High School in '75.
One of the spookiest stories in the area. :-)DreamMaster
Date: 10/9/2000 11:44:00 AM  From Authorid: 17283    All I can say is.....ROAD TRIP!!!!! ~StarrKrosst  
Date: 2/8/2004 5:00:00 PM  From Authorid: 51292    Wow that is so interesting...thanks for sharing this..i wish i could see it sometime!! 8o)  
Date: 10/9/2011 8:54:00 AM  From Authorid: 65115    I've been here,,,,, I'm From a small town in IN about 40 mins away from there as well and what these people say happened really does...... Its the most creepy thing that has ever happened to me..... I went back in like 2000 or something like that and have only been there one other time than that...... In which a cop came and told us to leave after making us throw our bottle of vodka in the field..... I believe the second time i went it was like 2006 or 2007 so yeah i'm sure the cops have closed down the road....... I did here a different story but i dont feel like typing it today maybe another day i will........ but yeah this road is the REAL thing,,,,,

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