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The Edwards Fortune and Trinity Church

  Author: 5916  Category:(Conspiracy) Created:(3/10/2000 3:10:00 PM)
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A Welsh sea/Royal Navy Captain named Robert Edwards either bought or was granted acreage in New York before the Revolution. In order to keep the land from falling to the rebels, Robert had the property held in trust by Trinity Church for a period of 99 years. Captain Edwards was drowned while returning to England to register the papers. Other documentation is that Captain Edwards leased the land to the Cruger brothers for 99 years, after which time, it would revert back to Mr. Edwards' heirs (being his brothers and sister and their heirs). This claim to the property is being sought again. It will continue every 99 years until it is settled.

There are Edwards heirs, associations, etc., who have been searching for their rightful money due from this lease. Robert's brothers and one sister were to become heir to all property and improvements thereon and their heirs forever. This property contains the Sears Building, City Hall, and other buildings located in the financial district of New York.

In 1906, an H.C. Edwards was to have been given $400 million as a direct heir to Robert Edwards. How did he get the money and the rest of the heirs excluded?

There is a court case pending or possibly in progress right now regarding the rights of the Edwards heirs. There are many recorded statements regarding the misappropriation of funds and con artistry.

Trinity Church denies any claims of the Edwards heirs, however, there has been mention in much of the research done of a "sheepskin document still in the possession of Trinity Church..." Why is Trinity Church denying the claims of the Edwards? Why won't Trinity Church produce this document?

Others are involved in this conspiricy of keeping the Edwards heirs from their rightful share of money supposedly held in trust for such purposes. What is everyone hiding?

One piece of documentation involves a death-bed confession of a judge in the late 1800's stating that he "lied to them" and there had been "threats of death to myself and my family...".

What is the conspiricy and who is involved?

How it changed my life:

It has given me hope for a future and for the future of all the heirs to come.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 3/10/2000 5:02:00 PM  From Authorid: 2420    I really don't know..But I'll take it...thanks for posting this...  
Date: 3/10/2000 5:34:00 PM  From Authorid: 5446    I liked this story....watch the churches....nice  
Date: 3/12/2000 1:21:00 PM  From Authorid: 3626    WOW!!  
Date: 3/13/2000 11:58:00 PM  From Authorid: 4309    lol....thats not even the half of it.....the trinity church is so corrupt its not even funny...not to mention the sign of trinity(triangle within a circle)is the sign of the beast...this church has been trying to take over for some time and well its power just seems to be growing.....who knows what the future holds for them....only time will tell...whatever you do dont ever fall for any of thier scams...everything they say is a complete lie meant to decieve the masses....not to mention they are prediction thiefs(false prophets)...WiLeY8b....  
Date: 3/29/2000 7:34:00 AM    You're not rich.Face it.
Date: 4/22/2000 11:56:00 AM  From Authorid: 7773    my last name is edwards too

-the great one!
Date: 4/23/2000 8:53:00 AM  From Authorid: 7157    this was a good story jojann  
Date: 5/11/2000 6:53:00 PM  From Authorid: 5484    greed  
Date: 9/7/2000 3:39:00 AM    If You live in the Apple go to the church and start asking questions You will be ask to leave by an FBI agent Toot sweet .. How is That Sport Fans. 7th Gen Edwards ..
Date: 9/7/2000 7:11:00 AM    I have heard this same story in regards to the Annetje (Anneke) Jans Bogardus family.In fact I have a book entitled TRINTY!-BREAK YE MY COMMANDMENTS?,which tells of the taking of the property, by England,& giving it to the church..My family has talked about this FOREVER...Yes, I too am a descendent of an Edwards.
Date: 9/7/2000 7:30:00 AM    I also visited trinty church in 1995 with a party of Welsh Edwards i was filming down the centre isle walking towards the stained glass behind the Alter when a gentleman tapped my shoulder from behind and asked me to leave, he said the reason was that they were haveing a service my reply back was i thought people came into church for a service NOT shown out , my age then was 65 yrs i am now 70 i only hope when my time comes to meet my maker he will not turn me away, i never thought i would have the chance to tell of my visit to New York this way thank you A Welsh lady
Date: 9/7/2000 3:45:00 PM  From Authorid: 15177    I have heard this story all my life, and so has my mother and her mother. I hope this fortune does come through for all the true heirs. But, I am not holding my breath.
Date: 9/8/2000 4:38:00 PM    has anyone ever asked to see trinity church's proof of ownership of the land they lease to the buildings in Manhattan surely it could cost them nothing to do this,this above all to thine ownself be true,what say you Edwards family? speak loud for all to hear what are you made of ?
Date: 9/10/2000 11:33:00 AM    Does anyone know of ONE site to post all our Edwards info?
I have TONS!
Rebecca Lyttle
Date: 9/10/2000 11:34:00 AM    I too have been told of this story by my Grandmother who never left Wales. Whether it ever gets solved or not, I believe that it has given me an opportunity to delve into my family history and has enabled me to make many new friends - another Edwards heir
Date: 9/11/2000 3:21:00 PM    come on Rebecca of 60 min tv usa your an Edwards,put your Tons in and help you could get the biggest scoope of the lot,do onto others as you would be done by every Edwards
Date: 9/12/2000 4:57:00 PM    This story needs to be told again and again until
justice prevails and the Edwards family is compensated
for the loss of their land. I have followed/investigated
this story for nearly half a century, and I believe
completely in the validiity of the Edwards claim.

The article written here is of course, very
abbreviated, if the story was fully reported, it
could fill volumes. In 1950, a bill was introduced
into the New York State Assembly to investigate and
compensate the Edwards family, but powerful interests
kept the bill from taking effect.

The loss of the Edwards land is one of the great
injustices of history done under the cover of a
"church". Trinity "church" may never rest easy,
because the Edwards family will never give up.
Gary Tarasenko
Date: 9/13/2000 3:26:00 AM    if this is read world wide where are you Edwards with your real stories told to you by your parents do you believe it now , you should because we all tell the same true story we dont know each other personally so how else could we know our ancesters are telling us ,Listen,welsh cousins.
Date: 9/17/2000 6:51:00 PM    Rebecca Lyttle please email me at royalcoyote@hotmail.com
My name is Diana we have a site for the Edwards Heirs on myfamily.com would love to share with you. Over 200 cousins there
Date: 9/28/2000 12:43:00 AM    I too am an Edwards Heir who has heard the same story my entire life from my mother, grandmother, and aunts. I am interested in any web sites with information and any recent news and developments regarding this claim and resolution. It has been 1 year and 1 day since a federal judge ruled we may have a legitimate claim, yet I haven't seen or heard of any new developments since. Does anyone else find it strange that there was a ruling in our favor in federal court and then nothing, no new news, no new developments, no legal action? If you have information, please write me at Irig8or@aol.com Thank you
Date: 7/20/2002 7:44:00 AM  From Authorid: 16376    wow!~ good story thanx for sharing  

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