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Lord Aramu-Muru of Lemuria.

  Author:  51876  Category:(Ancient Beliefs) Created:(3/31/2002 3:27:00 PM)
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Lord Muru,as one of the teachers of Lemuria,was delegated by the Hiearchy to take the sacred scrolls in his possession along with the enormous Golden Disc of the Sun to the mountainous area of a newly formed lake in what is now South America. Here he would guard and sustain the focus illumination flame. The Disc of the Sun was kept in the great Temple of Divine Light in Lemuria and was not merely an object of ritual and adoration,nor did it serve the single purposes later when it was used by the High Preists of the Sun amongst the Incas of Peru.Aramu-Muru journeyed to the new land on one of the silver needle airships of the time.While the final potions of the former continent were breaking up in the Pacific ocean,terrible catastrophe was taking place all over the earth.The Andean range of mountains was born at this time,and disfigured the west coast ofSouth America.The ancient city of Tiahuanaco {Boliva} was at the time,a great seaport and a Lemurian Empire colonial city of Magnificence and importantance to the Motherland.During the ensuing cataclysms it was raised by the sea level and a mild,tropical climate to a high on a barren,wind swept plain and frigid artic like climate.Before this took place,there had been no Lake Titicaca,which is now the highest navigable lake in the world,over 12,000 ft above sea level.So,it was to a newly-formed lake that Lord Muru arrived from sunken Lemuria. Here,now known as Lago Titicaca,The Monastery of the Brotherhood of theSeven Rays came into being,organized and perpetuated by Aramu-Muru.This Monastery,which was to be the home of the brotherhood throughout all ages on Earth,was placed in a immense valley that had been created during the birth of the Andes,and was a strange child of Nature in that it's exact diposition and altitude gave it a warm,semi-tropical climate where fruits and nuts could grow to phenomenal size.Here,on top of the ruins that had once been at sea level,like the city of Tiahuanaco,Lord Muru had the Monastery constructed of gigantic blocks of stone cut only by the energy of primary light force. This cyclopean structure is the same today as it was back then,and continues to be a repository of Lemurian science,culture,and arcane knowledge.............

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 3/31/2002 11:04:00 PM  From Authorid: 51671    very interesting.. thanx fer posting.
Big Bear Huggies.. Mystic Rose
Date: 4/2/2002 8:46:00 PM  From Authorid: 17525    This was very interesting. Where did you find this info. I have a book by James Chruchward called the Children of Mu which describes the Atlantean/Lemurian/Mu cultures with maps, etc. There are also may pictures of statuary which eh collected which don't match up with any known culture. Thanks for posting this. I read recently about some possible anomaly at the bottom of Lago Titicaca. I don't know how true it is but this is fascinating.  
Date: 4/19/2002 11:06:00 PM  From Authorid: 51004    good post, this is the first post Ive read concerning Lemuria. Very interesting stuff, I only wish more people had heard of it...Stropharia
Date: 5/20/2003 2:49:00 PM  From Authorid: 55903    In some of my readings I have come across vague references to Lemuria. But nothing so detailed. Thanks!  

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