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Folklore Bugs

  Author:  50864  Category:(Ancient Beliefs) Created:(8/25/2002 7:15:00 PM)
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A bee will die after stinging.

A butterfly coming into the house indicates that a stranger is going to visit you.

A cricket coming into the house is bringing you good luck.

A doodle bug will obey you, if you say: Doodle bug, doodle bug, Come out of your hole, Your house is on fire, And your children are burning up.

A doodle bug will begin to work on the bottom of its hole, if you repeat: Doodle, doodle, doodle/ Your mother and grand-daddy are dead.

A fly persistently flying about your face indicates that a stranger either wants to meet or talk with you.

A lady-bug will leave you, if you say: Lady-bug, lady-bug/ Fly away home/ Your house is on fire/ Your children will burn.

A locust bearing the letters "P P" on its wings signifies "Peace" and "Plenty."

A picture falling shows there were moths in the house.

A snail will draw in its head, if you repeat this couplet: Snail, snail, put in your head/ Or else I'll beat you until you're dead.

A snail will melt into a grease spot, if you drop salt on it.

A swarm of bees will alight, if you ring a bell.

A swarm of bees in May/ Is worth a load of hay.

A swarm of bees in June/ Is worth a silver spoon.

A swarm of bees in July/ Is not worth a fly.

A wasp flying into the house is a good omen.

Ants may be kept out of the house by laying catnip leaves about the rooms.

Bad luck will be years, if you kill a cricket.

Bees will desert the hive before some family misfortune.

Bittersweet will attract moths to the house.

Catch a butterfly and keep him in jar until he turns into caterpillar will bring you good luck.

Cheese mites are produced spontaneously in cheese.

Chiggers will not bother you, if you keep green pennyroyal in your pocket.

Chirping crickets are telling you of future success.

Crickets singing in the house is a sign of prosperity.

Cut a fishing worm in two and each part will crawl away and become a whole worm.

Eat greens on "Green Thursday" (Maundy Thursday) and mosquitoes will not bite you that year.

Hang up catnip in the house to drive away moths.

If a butterfly flies into your house, you will soon entertain a female visitor.

If a butterfly lights on your shoulder, it is good luck for you.

If a cricket is killed, other crickets will appear and eat holes in the clothes of the killer.

If a mosquito alights on your bare flesh, tighten your muscles and hold your breath because the mosquito will not be able to fly away and you can kill it.

If a strange swarm of bees settles in your garden, you will have good luck.

If cows have gone astray, hold a daddy longlegs by the backlegs, and with one of his forelegs he will point out the direction toward which to seek the cows.

If the first butterfly seen in the spring is yellow, you will have much sickness.

If you are harvesting or sleeping outdoors, make your bed on a haystack of new hay and mosquitoes will not bite you.


If you gather fern leaves during the last two days of June and place them under the bed, the bedbugs will leave.

If you get sand in your hair, lice will generate on your head.

If you hear crickets chirp after you have gone to bed, you may expect good luck.

If you kill a dragon fly, you will have bad luck.

If you see one of those thousand-legger bugs (centipede) crawling, and you can kill it with the palm of your hand, it will bring you excellent luck.

If you touch a locust it will sting you.

It is an omen of good luck to have a cricket enter the house.

It is the sign of health and happiness, if the first butterfly that you see in the spring is white.

It is the sign of visitors to have a firefly enter the house.

It is unlucky to step on a mound of ants.

It is very lucky to have wasps build a nest in a window or on the porch or under the eaves or your house.

It is very unlucky to kill a Christmas fly.

Keep a piece of hoodoo paper in the house and you will not be troubled with ants.

Kill a cricket and its mate will come and cut holes in your socks or stockings.

Kill a daddy longlegs and your cow will go dry.

Kill one fly and ten flies will come to its funeral.

Killing a lady-bug will bring bad luck to you.

Maggots are produced spontaneously in rotten meat.

Mosquitoes will not bite you, if you wear alum on your person.

Moths flying near cream or milk will turn it sour.

Never kill a katydid, or you will have bad luck.

Place a bottle of ammonia on the floor in the center of the house and you will not be worried by bedbugs any more.

Place cedar leaves under the carpet and you will not have any moths.

Prevent moths from entering by hanging up pennyroyal in the house.

Pulling off a butterfly's wings will bring you bad luck.

Repeat the following rhyme to a grasshopper and he will comply with your command: Spit tobacco juice/ And I'll turn you loose.

Scatter cucumber peelings on the floor to drive away ants.

Sometimes it rains worms.

Spit three times when you see a fever worm and you will not have bad luck.

Stoop down over a doodle bug's hole so that it can feel your breath and say: Doodle up, Johnnie Brown, doodle up/ Johnnie Brown, doodle up, Johnnie Brown.

Stranger is coming, if a bee flys into the house.

There will be sickness, if a cricket suddenly stops calling and leaves the house.

To have a bee enter the house is a sign of good luck, provided you let it remain for a few minutes and do not kill it.

To hear crickets sing is always a lucky sign.

To keep mosquitoes from biting you, rub coal oil behind your ears.

To kill a wasp will cause you bad luck.

To make a snail come out of its hole, say: Snail, snail, come out of your hole/ Or I'll beat you black as coal.

To make bees alight while swarming, beat on tin pans.

To rid yourself of lice, take one of them into the graveyard and shoot it; the rest will leave.

When a doodle bug shows itself, and you want it to go back into its hole, repeat the following: Doodle bug, doodle bug, go down/ Go down, Johnnie Brown, go down.

When a locust has the letters "W W" on its wings, it means "War" and "Want."

When one of the "news" flies

When you see a large number of fireflies flying about, you may look for company.

Whistle into a doodle bug's hole and they will crawl out to see what you want.

You can prevent bees from flying away by putting the roots of a blue lily (iris) in the hive.

You commit a sin when you kill a caterpillar.

You may expect company, if a butterfly enters the house and lights on you.

You will lose a friend, if you kill a daddy longlegs.

Your bed will not have bedbugs, if you wash it with water in which cedar tree leaves were boiled.

From Tales Of The Kithen Maid

hen til mig elske JEG elske jer

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 8/25/2002 7:35:00 PM  From Authorid: 54570    There is a lot of repeats in here but good post otherwise. And I will have bad luck for the next millenum for sensesesly killing off crikets either fishing or mowing. LOL SmoknJoe  
Date: 8/25/2002 8:22:00 PM  From Authorid: 8726    thanks for sharing these with us   
Date: 9/3/2002 7:09:00 PM  From Authorid: 56369    thanks for sharing!   

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