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GIANT Human Remains Found......(OrionSirius)

  Author: 61587  Category:(Conspiracy) Created:(8/30/2002 1:36:00 PM)
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FIJI Mysterious giant human remains found Posted Sun, 14 Jul 2002

Mysterious skeletal remains of what appears to be a 3 000-year-old giant have been unearthed on a South Pacific islands, but the bones' discovery has rattled local archaeologists who say poor treatment of the remains may have lost vital information.

Little is known about the highly unusual find, which includes a skull bearing strange holes drilled into its cheekbones, with authorities keen to keep the controversial discovery under wraps.

According to sources, the body, found at Lomaiviti, an island to the north of Suva, predates European exploration of the Pacific and it is believed the man was originally from the Solomon Islands.

The body was discovered last week by a Solomon Islander from the University of the South Pacific (USP), alongside examples of Lapita pottery — artifacts created by a group of Melanesians believed to have been the founders of modern Polynesia.

Measuring 1.9 metres, the body is unusually large considering its age and origin. Pictures of its skull show the holed cheekbones, a feature unseen in previous discoveries, according to Fiji Museum sources.

The head of pre-history archaeology at the museum, Sepeti Matararaba, said the discovery of the body and pottery was "significant".

"As for the skeleton remains, I will still have to see it ... it is a significant find for us.

"Studies done there now would enlighten us more on the early travelling habits in those times. We have found similar pottery on neighbouring islands of the group.

"Once they are dated, we can know the exact patterns of living and the kind of activities during those early occupations. It is really very good news."

But the skeleton has already caused controversy with experts voicing concern over its treatment at the hands of "cowboy" archaeologists.

One senior Fiji Museum source said a relocation of the remains may have destroyed vital information and museum experts should have been consulted earlier.

"These cowboy archaeologists, a bit like parachute journalists, are allowed such field trips but by law, if they were to find something as significant as a skeleton, especially of the suspected period of existence, the Museum must be informed," the senior official said.

"It is also only logical that our field staff who are trained for such excavations are informed of such developments considering their skills and tools, paramount of course is the creation and maintenance of our historical database."

Patrick Nunn, the supervisor of the archaeological team analysing the remains at USP would not comment and said on Sunday "we have decided to keep our find under wraps". ---------------

So this would actually prove many writings in two holy books that i know..The BIble and the Quran. It says Giants humans raomed the Earth before the flood(as some know it). This could very well mean some dinosaurs were our pets many thousand years ago...LOL. It could also very well mean Jesus, Moses and many other prophets were GIANTS too! The Conspiracy Theory: why do they want to keep this find "Under Wraps?" This is a great discovery and the public deserves to know. Plus..why would they keep this under wraps when there are already our Guiants in the world today such as a man who did not stop growing. Before he died, he measured about 12' tall! I can't remember his name, but today, Doctors actually have a name for this, but can't remember that either. Does anyone else? so since we know they existed.. (this also than proves some tyruth in Jack in the Beanstalk..lol) What unicorns..?? Sasquatch?? Maybe all the creature in pre historic times were Giant..some that are now ..."fairytales." Such like this..i am sure the Government had many questions already answered..but like the liars that they are...they just want to keep the information to themselves..BUT WHY??

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 8/30/2002 1:37:00 PM  From Authorid: 19927    wow and i thought jack and the beanstalk was just a fairy tale!  
Date: 8/30/2002 1:42:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 61587    LOL Camaro Chick. Umm..i also found some info that they were ALSO FOUND IN PERU..theyPeru has them, giants in their burial mounds - they moulded and shaped strange shapes of their infants. Also there are some found in ALASKA..here is some information if you guyz are interested. http://www.keelynet.com/unclass/canyon.txt

ALSO does anyone have pictures by any chance ..i looked everywhere!!!!!?????
Date: 8/30/2002 1:49:00 PM  From Authorid: 35720    Wow that's really interesting!  
Date: 8/30/2002 1:54:00 PM  From Authorid: 38683    Wow, that's quite interesting.   
Date: 8/30/2002 1:59:00 PM  From Authorid: 54826    Giants Cool! *noopzie*  
Date: 8/30/2002 1:59:00 PM  From Authorid: 55376    Wow, this guy has a whole inch on me, guess I am a giant. Og
Date: 8/30/2002 2:17:00 PM  From Authorid: 8184    Giants! Run! LoL j/k! Interesting post!   
Date: 8/30/2002 3:36:00 PM  From Authorid: 55251    wow, i wonder what there appetite was like, j/k lol- Morphix  
Date: 8/30/2002 4:37:00 PM  From Authorid: 56971    wow this is weid i never heard of this till now
Date: 8/30/2002 8:15:00 PM  From Authorid: 21867    Similar remains have been found here in New Zealand as well. The bone structure is of a bi-ped, human-like in form, yet there are some startling differences such as the shape of the skull and the disproportionately small rib cages. Another thing worth investigating are what are termed the 'Atiamuri Stones'...Enki is familiar with them, and I have seen them in person (as I grew up not far from Atiamuri). Large stone artifacts, some whose construction is 'honeycombed' and formed/sculptured in a way unlike anything possible at the assumed time they were 'made'. Many bear hieroglyphic type symbols. Similar stones have been found almost 'marking' the entrances to caves were these remains lay. Peace,  
Date: 8/31/2002 5:31:00 AM  From Authorid: 46266    Very interesting. Your reply too, Agent Smith. I am convinced that people in those times were many times more intelligent than we are now. Our bodies are shrinking, our men are becoming feminine, and our minds are obsessed with trifles. All of humanity has been enslaved in a 9-5 work cage, maybe getting away once a year. The notion that people in ancient times were bigger, smarter, and more wise than us goes completely against the Hypothesis of Evolution - and that is why it's under wraps.  
Date: 8/31/2002 8:19:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 61587    Agent Smith..thank you for your reply..and man you are lucky to see something i probably will never see in my life..(but who knows you never know) I wish i coul dhvae been there because this kind of stuff is my passion. Iv always wanted to see something paranormal..OR MAYBE JUST A MERE UFO is all i ask..but i havent had a chance ..IV herd tho that people that say theyve never seen one...see them the most ...LOL?? ORion Sirius~
Date: 8/31/2002 8:29:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 61587    VErtigos...Thank you for the reply...YES you are right ...BAck than..there was a civilization of HUMANS more intelligent and wise than us..they say they used a much more percentage of their brains than we do (we use 10% of our brain on average) Some say if you unlock other parts of your brain you will able to do (what we call) extra oirdinary things...paranormal things. HOWEVER, i do not agree with when you say "All of humanity has been enslaved in a 9-5 work cage, maybe getting away once a year" BEcAUSE ..as i remember correctly ..it is also written in your Bible that...HUMANS were smarter and much more wise than us..(they were so smart ..they thought they knew the answer to everything..But it also says that WE..the current human civilization ..will get extremely intelligent before the end. BUT YES..you ar right ...maybe that is the reason scientists want to keep it under wraps..it will prove religions fact to be true and science's hypthesis to be wrong. OrionSIrius~
Date: 8/31/2002 8:41:00 AM  From Authorid: 50342    Why do they want to keep the information to themselves? Because they are the government that is overrun with corruption from within on outward.
Date: 8/31/2002 8:49:00 AM  From Authorid: 54987    If it is a giant and is that old it could be one of the Annunaki. They were giants. A find like this would have been all over the news.. I wouldn't jump onto the Wow! bandwagon just yet. It could be a hoax. It's been done before. I'd like to believe its true too cos I like stuff like this... - Coolade  
Date: 8/31/2002 8:54:00 AM  From Authorid: 55376    The guy is 6'3" people. He ain't no giant. Og
Date: 8/31/2002 10:25:00 AM  From Authorid: 16671    Do you have a web site for this information, a link? I'd like to check it out more. Thank you.  
Date: 8/31/2002 11:34:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 61587    NO COOLADE >..its no HOAX at all. I gave yopu some links on my first reply FIRSTBORN http://www.keelynet.com/unclass/canyon.txt You can also go to google and type it in..it is all over the internet..just not in the media becasue the media is full of lies..we all know that. ALSO try http://greatserpentmound.org/features/wva_giants.html
And pictures were very hard to find here is one (tho its a religious site..but hey it has pics!!)http://www.provingthebible.com/Giants.html
ALSO this one that they found in fiji was just 6.5 ft ..which is no giant but still it was called that because the other giants which were found in peru, alaska, new zealand..and many other parts of the world measure from 12 to 20 ft tall...NOW THAT IS A GIANT! ORION~~
Date: 8/31/2002 11:36:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 61587    OG he aint no giant but they relate him to the other GIANTS found in other parts of the world (which measur eup to 12 to 18 ft) BECASUE He has the same facial characteristics..same dents on his jaw that we present day humans do not have! OKAY>?? Orion.
Date: 8/31/2002 12:05:00 PM  From Authorid: 54987    It could be an infant giant. - Coolade  
Date: 8/31/2002 12:58:00 PM  From Authorid: 16671    Thank you , I will check them out. I mean in the bible it tells of giants in the land and so many people say well THEY have never been found. So it would be interesting to have this proof!  
Date: 8/31/2002 1:07:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 61587    FirstBORN..yes i found the site exactly for you than firstborn..Its not only in the BIBLE..its in the Torah and the Quran also..heres your link once again (they also have pictures if someone is interested) http://www.provingthebible.com/Giants.html

COOLADE..YOU ARE Right..it is possible it could have been a infant or a toddler..or even a child....thanx.
Date: 8/31/2002 4:28:00 PM  From Authorid: 55376    A baby giant,eh. Where can I find info about the 12 to 18 foot tall findings?
Date: 8/31/2002 8:02:00 PM  From Authorid: 54987    OS I know this isn't relevant to the post, but everytime I see your name it looks like onion sirius... sorry I can't help it... just call yourself sirius... LOL - Coolade  
Date: 8/31/2002 8:56:00 PM  From Authorid: 46266    "All too many times when a giant human has been found some state run museum or group will get wind of it and come out in force. They have many times come out to these sites and offered all kinds of free help. They will carefully catalog; photograph, record, field pack, crate and ship whatever is found at no charge, and then misplace everything involved." - http://www.provingthebible.com/Giants.html -- Doesn't that sound a LOT like the Museum interfering above? "These cowboy archaeologists, a bit like parachute journalists, are allowed such field trips but by law, if they were to find something as significant as a skeleton, especially of the suspected period of existence, the Museum must be informed." Parachute journalists? I think he meant independent investigators, more commonly known as conspiracists. Make no mistake, the establishment, whether it be archeological, governmental, or spiritual, hates independent investigation.  
Date: 8/31/2002 8:58:00 PM  From Authorid: 46266    Og, did you know you're nicknamed after a 12ft giant? Read Deuteronomy 3:11.  
Date: 8/31/2002 9:29:00 PM  From Authorid: 50435    Og, don't forget that people were a lot shorter and smaller back then. Even 200 years ago a 6-foot man would be much taller than the average. We're getting shorter? I beg to differ...  
Date: 8/31/2002 11:18:00 PM  From Authorid: 55376    There have never been any giants.Og
Date: 9/1/2002 12:17:00 PM  From Authorid: 16671    thank you. Og, that like saying there have never been any dino's  
Date: 9/1/2002 4:14:00 PM  From Authorid: 55376    The difference is you can go to a lot of museums and see dinosaur skeletons. Where can I go and see a skeleton of a giant? Og
Date: 9/2/2002 8:27:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 61587    vERTIGOS ..YOU ARE MAYBE RIGHT..I laughed my head off when i saw that cowboy in the picture. And you are maybe be right..the link does sound a bit odd..even when i first found it. Anyhow..i just wanted a picuture! that was the reason for the link..nothing else..not even to prove the bible is right..even tho, i know, it is written in a couple of holy books. Just makes you think...thnx for replying.
Date: 9/2/2002 8:28:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 61587    COOLADE!...THANKS for pointing out my name looks like ONION..i do not do that on purpose..believ eme i dont like being called onion..MY NAME IS
Date: 9/2/2002 8:32:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 61587    GALLYSTUCK..we are talking thousands of yrs ago not just a couple of hundred yrs ago..maybe you are right ..couple of hundred yrs ago..maybe it was unusual to see a 6 ft man. I mean LINncoln i think was 6.5..or soemthing and ppl thought that was OUTRAGEOUS..LOL bUT YES GIANTS ROAMED THE EARTH SOME THOUSAND YRS AGO................. OR MORE! SIRIUS
Date: 9/2/2002 1:08:00 PM  From Authorid: 55376    Yes a 6'3" individual back then would probably be equivalent to a 6'9" individual today. Unusual but not exceedingly rare. Og
Date: 9/4/2002 7:21:00 AM  From Authorid: 59163    yea, its probably just someone who had a disease. like abe lincoln, the tall man in africa, and many other people. and vertigos you said our bodies are shrinking? wow, i beg to differ man, ever been to england and walked through the old castles and churches? i'm 6'5 and i could barely make it up some of the stair cases into the turrets. and their beds were maybe 6" to a foot shorter than ours. we have much better nutrition and early age health care, and arent plagued by as many childhood diseases, making for healthier and bigger people. odds are these tall people were respected as gods, where our present society sees people with differences as freaks. if they start finding say 50 to 100 bodies that are too tall, and architecture that wouldnt make sense or be suitable for a shorter man i might believe there was a race of giants. and the bible says a lot of things but somehow i dont remember it saying anywhere that "jesus was a giant" perhaps a giant among men, in good moral standing. its all interpretation,  
Date: 9/4/2002 10:30:00 PM  From Authorid: 15033    LOL!! OG, you crack me up...  
Date: 9/8/2002 7:37:00 PM  From Authorid: 8214    wow i wonder what happened to them all.  
Date: 9/18/2002 12:59:00 PM  From Authorid: 55063    wow, i wonder if he was the only giant human? thanks for sharing  
Date: 10/30/2002 5:18:00 PM  From Authorid: 8726    quite interesting!  
Date: 11/8/2005 4:02:00 PM  From Authorid: 62100    Wow..that is quite a find..it surely does lend some credence as you say..  

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