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Modesto, California, Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, Central Valley Satanic Activity...

  Author:  62085  Category:(Conspiracy) Created:(7/9/2004 9:42:00 AM)
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Remember the crazed Arab gunman" at the Los Angeles Airport on July 4th of 2002 ?(Victoria Hen Murder) Keeping in mind that this immigrant Arab chauffeur and limo owner is said to have killed Laci ( and others ) on his own birthday ?? The victim shot by this "crazed gunman" was a very close friend of Chandra Levy! THE PURPOSES OF THE JULY 4th, 2002 SHOOTINGS === The shot dead El Al ticket counter clerk, Victoria Chen, was NOT just anybody. She was a close associate of Chandra Levy, the disappeared or murdered young woman, near the same age as Hen, who interwove with activities, among others, of the French CIA in combination with some of their pals in The Mossad, Israeli intelligence. They were together part of a team that included Monica Lewinsky. Back in the early 90s there were some murders associated with a satanic cult operating out of Salida. Salida, which means "exit" or "departure" in Spanish (though it has other meanings as well), is about seven miles NW of central Modesto. Here is what happened to four California Satanic cult defectors one fateful night in 1990. The defectors were tracked to an apartment on, of all places, Elm Street in the small town of Salida. The defectors were beaten and stabbed. Finally, they were decapitated. Nightmare on ELM street-- the movie first came out when? a few years ealier in the 80's. Note that the defectors were decapitated. Also, it's interesting that they were killed on Elm Street. The Dallas street on which JFK was shot in 1963 was Elm Street. Just a few miles from Modesto is the town of Ceres,named after the goddess Ceres. { ceremonial ("cereal/serial") killings,} and Ceres was where Gary Condit's congressional district had it's main office, or at least I recall seeing his name associated with it, as in Condit (D-Ceres) Peterson's Modesto house is located on Covena Avenue. Covena = a coven? In case people don't know the geography of the area. This is Gary Condit's local stomping ground. Merced is about 30 miles from Modesto which is the district Condit represented. Condit's brother is a Modesto County Sheriff.

Another bizarre murder has occurred in Merced, California. Merced, Modest, and a few other towns with crazy activity are all in the central valley', it is called. March 2002 A retired sheriff's deputy killed the three children of his exwife and then killed his own daughter and himself.Slain were Melanie Willis, 17; Stanley Willis, 15; Stuart Willis, 14; and Michelle Hogan, 5.

Each was shot at least once with a .40-caliber Glock handgun.

Stanley and Stuart were killed in their beds, Melanie just outside her bedroom door and Michelle in the master bedroom in her father's arms. More than 20 years ago, Stephen Stayner was kidnapped by a pedophile and held as a sex slave for about ten years. His family lived in the area. Yosemite is just down the road from Modesto;

Several years ago, three tourists were kidnapped in Yosemite. Questions of their fate gripped the nation for weeks. After the bodies of two of the victims were found, it was discovered that they had been beheaded before they were placed in the trunk of their rented car and burned.

Months later, another murder was committed in Yosemite. Yosemite is approximately 30 miles from Merced. The murdered woman was also beheaded. When her killer was found, the similarity of the second killing to the Yosemite tourists found in the trunk, i.e. beheading; led to the solving of the earlier murder. The man who committed these murders is the younger brother of Stephen Stayner.

In the town of Merced, a naked man killed two children and terrorized three others with a pitchfork. And now, not more than 20 miles from Merced, a young man has killed his mother by beheading her. Details---

In August of 2000, Jonathon David Bruce broke into the Merced County home of John and Tephanie Carpenter and killed two of their children with a pitchfork (devil symbol), before he was fatally shot by a sheriff's deputy. A third child was injured.

A month earlier, a Delhi teen-ager beheaded his mother and was arrested by deputies as he sat naked in her blood reading the Bible.

How it changed my life:

The higher up you go, the more wicked it becomes sometimes--

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 7/9/2004 9:57:00 AM  From Authorid: 15228    Please, please, please tell me this is a joke. You are joking, right? I'm sitting here and I'm laughing...yet I'm also a little disturbed someone could see a connection in all this. This is a parody from the Onion isn't it? If not, what web site did you get this from, I gotta check this out for myself.  
Date: 7/9/2004 10:07:00 AM  From Authorid: 62675    hmmm - Sunni  
Date: 7/9/2004 2:12:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 62085    Kelly, i'm disturbed you don't see a connection. It is no joke. When you understand high level satanic activity you see the connection. All in a certain area. Everyone else did in the media till they were silenced. Go back to sleep.. Return to the Matrix  
Date: 7/9/2004 6:36:00 PM  From Authorid: 54987    OMG Modesto is not a place to settle down and raise a family. Great info... wish I had to the time to get more involved, but heck ... the matrix is so comfortable. Keep it up Knightmare... appreciate the connection with the real world.  
Date: 7/10/2004 6:18:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 62085    I agree Koolade, it's a shame i have to play the role of a nut or fool, hoping someone will see there is more to life than the "grand illusion" world of cable tv , fast food, sex, and celebrity worship. They live, we sleep...  
Date: 7/10/2004 3:41:00 PM  From Authorid: 55967    Period.  

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