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Most Haunted Town/City in Iowa: Des Moines

  Author:  22308  Category:(Hauntings) Created:(8/10/2004 7:28:00 PM)
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Des Moines is the most haunted city in Iowa. Check out the Weaver House, pretty weird if you ask me!

~*~ FuelGirl ~*~

Air Lanes - Be hind the bowling alley lanes there is an upstairs that is rumored to have been used to be used for illegal gambling in the 1920's. Well if you go up stairs, down the hallway, and into this room up there and wait a few minutes you can hear noises. Some of them are alot of people talking, or you can hear dice rolling. you could hear your name being called.

Dowling High school - Reports of a purple orb seen.

Drake University Observatory - The Drake University Observatory is said to be haunted by Dr. Robert Morehouse. He was the first Chairman of the Astronomy and Physics Department and his claim to fame was discovering a comet in the 1920's. His remains, along with those of his wife, are interred in the wall of the entryway. Students have reported many strange things happening in the basement, such as a feeling of being watched and an unknown force correcting the calculations in their observation logs.

The Haunted Bridge Past Greenfield Plaza - It is believed that A young woman was leaving a party and going to go pick up her baby daughter from the babysitter's house. It was winter and snow and ice had covered the ground, causing it to be slick outside. Just before she had crossed the bridge, she went over a slick spot in the road causing her to lose control of her car. The car fell off the bridge into the river. Her daughter died instantly and she didn't want to live thinking it was her fault. She decided to hang herse from the bridge with rope she had in her trunk. Every Friday night at approximately midnight, if you park right in the middle of the bridge, you can hear her baby screaming and see formations of her hanging from the bridge.

Lincoln High School - Mainly occurs in the balcony of the auditorium. Unexplained lights flashing on and off in the light booth when it has been locked and nobody is in there. Seats of the wooden folding chairs swinging up and down when nobody is around. Cold spots in certain areas. The curtains on the stage will rustle in a seemingly non-existent breeze when there is nothing that could cause it. There is no air conditioning in the school. There have also been unexplained noises such as tapping on the wooden floor of the stage, and banging on the seats in the balcony. If you go into the Paint Room, which is located in one of the wings of the stage, you get the feeling of someone watching you, and running their fingers up and down your back.

East High School - There has been seen a glowing blue light in a restroom there. The light flashed right behind two students who witnessed it in the mirror and disappeared before they could turn around. Before the flash there was a spark of electricity on the faucet when one of the students reached for it. This school is over 150 years old and there are at least 4 deaths.

Old Red Horse Armory - Was an old Cavalry armory. It is now the city school bus barn. When the National Guard was in the building soldiers who worked full time and were in there after hours reported hearing the clip clop of horses hooves and the jingle of harnesses off the small drill floor where the stables were. They also would catch glimpses of an older man dressed in an old cavalry uniform in the long back hall that only had a small light bulb at each end of it. They were not fanciful people who seen and heard these things. They were hardworking soldiers with their heads on straight who would never in a million years make up things like that.

Polk Merle Hay Mall Tower - Merle Hay Mall, and a building in the mall known as the Merle Hay Tower, is built over the site of a Monastery that was closed in the 1950's. Rumor has it that on occasion a nun would become pregnant, with the pregnancy resulting in mis-carriage. These babies were buried in unmarked graves on the Monastery grounds, where the mall stands today. In present day, the Merle Hay Tower is said to be haunted by a figure wearing a very old style habit, who cries as she carries a dead child. People who have offices in the Tower report an elevator that moves between floors with no one aboard late at night. When the elevator stops, footsteps can be heard, but when the sounds are investigated, no one is around. Cold spots are frequent and a feeling of being watched when alone is also reported. Others report hearing someone walk into an office and when they turn around, no one is there.

Saydel High School - there is little girl that sings around the hallways at night.

Terrace Hill - There have been witnesses who have seen a transparent little girl, eyes in pictures following them and many other things. In the middle of the elevator(which is code activated)goes up and down and opens.

Weaver House - This house has a table the seems to be haunted.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 8/10/2004 7:47:00 PM  From Authorid: 62503    hey a ghost can fix my miscalculations anytime it wants... I got a chill reading about lincoln high school for some reason. That was creepy. i wonder what makes them think the table is haunted.. I love these post have you done one on virginia yet? thats where i live now. Or massachusettes? thats where i was born and raised  
Date: 8/10/2004 8:17:00 PM  From Authorid: 15675    wow I used to go to Terrace Hill elementary...dont remember any haunting feelings either. Also loved Merle Hay but dont remember anything odd bout it.  

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