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Most Haunted Town/City in Michigan: Mackinac Island

  Author:  22308  Category:(Hauntings) Created:(8/12/2004 10:39:00 AM)
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Mackinac Island is the most haunted town/city in Michigan. Enjoy!

~*~ FuelGirl ~*~

Bailey House - Doors open and close, objects have fallen off of counters, sounds of boxes sliding across the attic floor, figure of a woman looking into bedrooms.

Bogan Lane - A little girl with long hair haunts this Bed & Breakfast. You can often hear here playing the Piano. Sometimes guests can see her. She says she wants to go home.

Bois Balnc Island - Near Mackinac, is supposed to be haunted. Two British soldiers were supposed to have gone AWOL and were slaughtered by Indians on the island. They had walked across the ice and lit a fire to warm themselves. The post commander had put a price on their heads and some natives had tracked them down and killed them.

Fort Mackinac - The children of the post commander are supposed to haunt the officers hill quarters. The hospitals near and in the fort are undoubtedly haunted and are surrounded by an air of sickness to this day. A skeleton was found in the "Black Hole" of the guardhouse and now people get the usual chills along their spines in the reconstructed guardhouse. There is supposedly a phantom piper that walks on the stonework above the North Sally Port. He is only sighted on misty mornings and his music can be heard faintly.

Grand Hotel - Uncountable skeletons were also unearthed when the foundation was laid for the Grand Hotel which now is supposed to hold many spine tingling feelings. The little horse coral behind the fort is supposedly right where the first post cemetery was. Not all of the bodies were removed when the US moved the cemetery to its present location.

Marquette Park - Any area of the island that had enough soil as at one time used as a cemetery. When soldiers built a garden in what is now Marquette park they unearthed over 1000 sets of remains. The entire town is haunted.

Mission House - When the Mission House (now state employee housing) was built it was at the heart of a Christian mission to convert Indians who lived on the island. When Indian children who were living there became sick with TB they were locked in the cool damp basement because it was thought that this would help them. It didn't. State employees report the ghosts of children all over the basement and first two floors of the house. The attic is less haunted but people feel presences and alarm clocks get tipped over. The forms of children can be seen walking around often at night inside. Reportedly, none of the presences are not hostile.

Mission Point - Supposedly, a high school student named 'Harvey' had just been dumped by his girlfriend. He was so depressed that he jumped off the bluff behind Mission Point. He became a nuisance; People who worked in the carpenter shop would clean up sawdust, and it would be scattered around the place the next morning as if it had never been touched after work. Also, things would be moved to another place, or disappear. Other sightings included soldiers being seen walking around Mission Point's theatre and other places.

North Side of Island- During the war of 1812, it is said that the English slaughtered 75 Indian men on the north side of the island, since that time, people who live on Makinac Island say that they see Indian men running through the woods at night, many tourists have reported several sightings of the ghosts of the slaughtered men.

Post Cemetery - Where an unknown woman occasionally weeps in the left rear corner near the graves of some children buried there.

The Rifle Range trail - Has the sound of bullets fired over 100 years ago and one specter. The specter once appeared to a state employee who later identified him in an old fort photo.

Ruins of Stairway and Cave - On Mackinac Island there is a trail, where below and slightly into the woods are the ruins of an old stone staircase leading up to nothing but two caves. While 2 explorers claim that while they were there they got the chills just standing there, it was an eerie feeling. They took a picture of the staircase and they claim when the picture was developed a human sized black blur was in the center of the picture, atop the ruined staircase. The blur was interesting because of the way it was in relation to the lighting and trees and shadows it was obviously not a film defect, but rather something with "form" that was in the picture itself, but which they did not see while standing there. The shape was "in front" of some objects, but behind things in the foreground, suggesting that it was not a defect but something that was standing in front of and behind stones and trees. The submitter of this site returned this year and the stairs have decomposed quite a bit in the last few years, and have crumbled down the side of the hill somewhat, but is still creepy. There is definitely something creepy about the place, as it is one of the larger caves on the island, but is not mentioned on any trail maps. - We have not received any photos of the phenomena experienced.

Stone Point Cottage - Is supposed to have a ghost.

Straights of Mackinac - The apparition of Lesalles Griffon is supposed to be sighted once in a while gong through the straits of Mackinac

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 8/12/2004 10:51:00 AM  From Authorid: 62136    Thanks for posting this. I have bookmarked and will refer back to it when hubby and I take a trip *up* there. We are in Michigan and this is one of the many places that are said to be haunted.  
Date: 8/12/2004 11:24:00 AM  From Authorid: 56630    Interesting, I would go there if I could, it is somewhat believable to me. I never actually believed in hauntings, but very interesting post.  
Date: 8/12/2004 12:16:00 PM  From Authorid: 48250    Wow! This is Fascianting....my Mother just returned from Mackinac Island a wek ago...Have You ever seen the Movie "Somewhere In Time" With Jayne Seymour & Christopher Reeve, this Movie was filmed at Mackinac Island and The Grand Hotel...Beautiful Movie, if You haven't seen it, do, sometime...Great post! Thanks for sharing....T/C  
Date: 8/12/2004 12:32:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 22308    thanks for bookmarking it! also no, i haven't seen that movie, i will keep that in mind next time i'm at the video store thanks!  
Date: 8/14/2004 1:28:00 AM  From Authorid: 62367    I've been to Mackinac Island and had lunch in the Grand Hotel. The island is beautiful but has a complex history between the Indians who lived on the island until the British took it over and built the first fort there during the period of the French and Indian War. The fort was occupied by the Brits until after the War of 1812 when the Americans got it. No wonder the place is haunted. Its a very peaceful place now but for 100-150 years it saw precious little peace.  
Date: 10/15/2004 6:04:00 PM  From Authorid: 17560    Interesting stuff....I only live around 3 hours from Mackinac Island and even went there on my honeymoon. It's an awesome place to visit. I didn't realize there were so many haunted places there. Great post!  

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