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Most Haunted Town/City in New Mexico: Albuquerque

  Author:  22308  Category:(Hauntings) Created:(8/14/2004 10:16:00 PM)
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Albuquerque is the most haunted city in New Mexico, The Children's Hospital does NOT look like a great place to go!

~*~ FuelGirl ~*~

Albuquerque Press Club - the ghost of "Mrs. M" appears at the bar.

The Aroyro - "el Yorone" the cryer is the ghost of a mother whose child was drowned in the drainage ditch. It’s said at night she wanders the ditch crying and searching for her lost child

Carrie Tingly Children's Hospital-1113 University Blvd. - There is said to be glowing rooms in unused portions of the hospital. There are also invisible "force fields" that do not allow a person to pass. The force fields also make a static/hissing sound when encountered. There are sounds of crying Voices, heartbeats. Black robed figures in darkened halls.

Desert Sands Motel - Located at 5000 Central Ave SE it's a cheap and easy place to stay when you're headed west on I40. Visitors got the corner room of the center building on the first floor. Immediately things began. There were cold spots, voices in the bathroom, the water ran by itself, the TV kept turning on and off on it's own, changing channels by itself, and the door kept unlocking.

Haunted Hill - Located at the end of Menaul in the foothills. You can hear screaming, footsteps and bodies being drug. You can see a lantern swinging as if someone is walking down the trail and you can see an apparition of an old man coming after you. It is said that the old man used to live in the man caves at the top of the hill and kill prostitutes up there on the weekends.

Abandoned Insane Asylum - There is an Abandoned Insane Asylum on the corner of Edith and Osuna. The asylum is owned by the neighbors and are strict about trespassing. For those who have risked going into this asylum have witnessed a large black cloud hovering above them. This black cloud has appeared in pictures as well. It is said that one patient went so crazy that he killed several patients and staff (nurses and doctors etc.) After the murders, the asylum was never the same and they were forced to close it down. The neighbors of the insane asylum is The Banditos Motorcycle gang... they don't mind releasing their Rottweiler on anyone who enters their property.

Kimo Theater, Central Ave., NW - A young boy was killed backstage when a hot water pipe burst from the theater's boiler. The tradition is to place a donut backstage before opening night of any performance so things go right, i.e. lighting, sound, etc. There are two other entities that seem to be much older than the young boy. The theater's opening night was in fall of 1927. These entities seem to be from that era, where as the boy is more contemporary.

Job Corps - By the lunch room there is a nun that is sometimes carrying a baby. You can see her when the light from the light posts are on. The new dorms the upstairs girls side one night I heard someone running down the hall, my roommate and I looked out to see who it was there was no one there some of the girls said that they did not hear anything.

Luna Otero Mansion - The ghost of Josefita Otero has appeared in numerous rooms here.

The Old Savador Armijo House, now "Maria Teresa" Restaurant - This house dates back to 1840, and has been occupied in one form or the other up to the present. Various staff members of this restaurant has shared personal experiences of voices, noises, and sensations of being touched by unknown entities after hours. A great place to visit and ask questions. To those that haven't quit or are willing to share.

Radisson Hotel - On the first floor of the hotel you can hear scratching noises and slamming doors above you late at night, even if there is no one renting the room above yours. There is loud yelling and screaming in rooms that are vacant and sometimes women are shaken until they wake up by what seems to feel like children’s hands. The third floor (which no one is supposed to be on) is the only floor that has not been remolded. As soon as the elevator doors open you are hit with a gust of hot air. As you walk further through the floor there is the remains or what used to be a bar. The top is in perfect condition but the rest of it is completely destroyed. In the corner of the bar is what appears to be newly broken glass. No one knows how it was there because there were no employees up there recently and none of the windows were broken.

Ramada Hotel The Corner Room - From one of the staff, the corner room, of this big hotel is haunted by a young broken hearted lady, where her once true love killed her because he wanted her out of her life. She is said to only be on the bottom floor, where she is said to haunt the lobby and the corner room where she was killed. When the service ladies go to clean the corner room, they find that the room is all messed up, bed sheets all aver the place, the TV knocked down, and the curtains all torn and up. This activity went on so long that management just closed off the room and don't rent it out anymore. But often, staff still visits the corner room. And it's all messed up.

Xilinx - This building used to be a mental heath hospital, and on several occasions banging noises have been heard throughout the building (mostly in the bathroom). Some see shadowy figures moving up and down the hallways, groaning noises out side in the courtyard, and voices whispering in the back office area. Also on several occasions objects began to move all by themselves.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 8/14/2004 10:37:00 PM  From Authorid: 62423    I always enjoy reading these... Very interesting. Keep writing   
Date: 8/14/2004 10:46:00 PM  From Authorid: 3835    The entire town of Albuquerque has a distinct sensation that surrounds it's boundaries. I have visited there, and there is a pulling of Forces of some kind that drifts about. When I stayed at this little motel there for two nights, it was suggested by the clerk that I leave some kind of offering outside the door for the travelling spirits that parade while everyone sleeps. The offering is meant to keep the spirits from waking you with banging the door. The first night, I forgot to leave something out, as I do believe these kind of things can happen.. at around 4 in the morning, I was awakened and was very startled at the sound of something banging loudly at my motel door. It was god awful loud, like the door was nearly ready to give way and what ever was on the other side was coming in. I looked out the window that allowed me to view the door, and there was a donkey rearing its legs to my door. It did this five times and left, as it walked it began to vanish, just disappear.. THE NEXT night there, I left out cornbread and milk.. I stayed awake all night and waited until 4am.. nothing, so I went to lay down and heard footsteps outside my door and silently got up and looked out of hte window again to see that same donkey, eating the cornbread with milk, walking away and vanished.. when morning came and I opened the door, the offering was gone, it was then that I noticed the hoof prints left in the motel door the night before.. the door had five dents in it, and half circle like scratches. The motel clerk said most of the doors have that from travellers in the past and the spirits.. so.. I have to say that it is the entire town, as there is a definite sensation that does roam around those boundaries and it does seem to make itself present at times.. if you are tuned in with that frequency. I apologize for this being so long, Lol..  
Date: 8/14/2004 11:17:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 22308    no, that's ok, that's really interesting! i would have been freaked out!  
Date: 8/15/2004 1:05:00 AM  From Authorid: 3835    Oh, and I also remember that I took a picture of one of the elder people, she was Indian, and at least in her late 50's to early 60's. Her skin was leathery and wind and sun soaked wrinkled. She lived in an Adobe Home, the ones made from earth. In that picture, she stood beside her doorway to her home. On the doorway part was a home made symbol of protection and love she told me.. it resembled something like a dream catcher, but shaped in a different pattern and twist. It was kind of dark for the most part at the door entrance itself, but when I developed the picture there was a spot in the doorway that was a sillouqette of something entirely not of this world, but yet, to me is unexplainable.. as it was not in the picture when I took it. ... as I travelled through to the other side of the town to go through it, I stopped at the gas station to fill up. When I went in to pay for everything, the woman behind the counter looked at me and started crying. She told me how I remind her of a long lost friend and asked my name.. it ended up being the same name as mine, yet, the only difference she said is that our eyes are a different color, her friends eyes are brown and chocolate dark, whereas mine are very, very blue, with a hazel color streak in the center of one eye, through the entire color part and through the black iris. As I left Albuquerque, I got the feeling of something waving goodbye and sending me best wishes, a good feeling really.. it was freaky, but validates many things for me on a personal level and a psychic level as well.  
Date: 10/27/2004 10:30:00 AM  From Authorid: 62926    that's creepy ... sounds like an intresting place.. time for me to go visit LOL  

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