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  Author:  55408  Category:(Hauntings) Created:(9/28/2004 4:28:00 PM)
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Malibu - Moonshadows Restaurant - In the women's restroom, the water faucets have been known to turn on by themselves.

Malibu Lake (Agoura Hills) - Malibu Lake Island - The Lady of the Lake - Believed to be haunted by Margaret Hersh Robertson. Margaret (1907-1993). Every morning, as was known by many lake residents, Margaret would swim out to the island. She did this early every morning. She has been sighted numerous times, after her passing, swimming seemingly along side a startled couple in a canoe. Her figure was just below the surface of the water in a bathing cap.

Manteca - Cinema 10 - The last theater in the hall way on the left of the cinema is haunted by 2 ghosts, a young boy and an elderly man. A fire broke out supposedly when the place was a drug store in the late 1950's, killing at least 3 people. late night workers hear voices and tapping on the upper level of the theater.

Manteca - El Rey Theatre, Brewery - The old El Rey theatre in Manteca burned down some decades ago the night "The Towering Inferno" opened, owners renovated it and turned it into the Kelley Brothers Brewing Co. it is said that there are still hot spots from the fire, and ghosts of dead firefighters and movie patrons are said to wander the restaurant looking for a way out.

Manteca - Home Depot - An apparition of a girl has been seen twice by employees working graveyard shift .Some nights after closing, music and laughter has been heard. When workers go to check it out the music and voices stop. December Update: The details of the story behind the murder have been removed out of respect for the family.

Manteca - Psycho home - There was a home that every one called it the Psycho home because the old lady that lived there was Psycho. She had 13 dogs and 13 cats. If one cat dies then all the cats die's. Then after she killed them all she made a home for them. She kept all the body's. If someone came on her grass she would go get a died cat a scare you. Now if you walk in the home you hear the died dog's. and cat's.

Marin - Camp Bothin - The camp used to be an old tuberculosis Hospital and an Indian residence before it was made into a girl scout camp. It is said that at night you can hear and see the ghost of a nurse pushing her cart down the hallways and patients who died there moaning and groaning. It is also been said that Indian spirits have made appearances.

Menlo Park - Ravenswood - There is a woman in a trench coat, standing under an old-fashioned street lamp, that can be seen at night waiting for a ride. But if you look back, she disappears along with the street lamp.

Modesto - Ambulance Station on Granger - The building that now houses workers of a local 24 hour ambulance service also holds the ghosts of former residents. It is said that back in the 60's two parents killed their three children in the house. Also, as recently as the early 90's, an old Indian man died in the house alone while praying to a religious alter. This room, where the old man died is avoided by the current occupants due to cold and ominous feelings of dread. The employees of the ambulance service have witnessed; doors and windows opening and closing at will, objects moving across the room, the shower turning off and on, the sound of voices and children playing in the house, the sound of footsteps, and recently while one employee showered she heard a voice yell "Get out!" This sent the employee out of the bathroom, out of the house, and onto the front lawn where she stood trembling under a wet towel. The house is not hard to find, it's at the corner of McHenry and Granger right next door to a skateboard shop.

Modesto - Red Lion Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn) - Sounds of people talking loudly in kitchen when no one is in there. Loud crashing of plates and trays has also been heard. According to an employee who has been with the hotel for 27 years a woman was killed in the kitchen by an enraged boyfriend. There are also rumors of more than one person killing themselves in the kitchen. Also while on in the parking lot patrol security has heard the sound of breaking glass as near as two cars away-upon investigation there is no cause for the sound. Rooms 420, 206, and 152 are also all reported by guests and employees to be haunted. Especially in room 152 where all the electrical equipment in the room turns on and off by itself. The room has been checked many times for electrical problems and none can be found.

Montebello - Cantwell High School - while working on the second floor of the main building for homecoming week. fellow students were working late on decorations with a teacher. the intercom makes three beeping sounds to let the room know that a message is going to be relayed through the front office. the three beeping sounds were made and know one was working the front office. the students heard whispering noises and went downstairs to check it out. one of them saw a balloon in the middle of the hall and popped it. right when she popped it the lights went out and screaming was going off all over the place.

Menlo Park - Coleman Mansion currently Peninsula private school - It is haunted by the ghost of the original owner's wife who was accidentally shot by her husband. Students and faculty have seen her in the "Big Building".

Merced - Applegate Skate Park - Reports of a headless skater appearing. The skater is said to have tried a trick and fallen on his head and he broke his neck

Merced - Girl Scouts Island, Yosemite Lake - a lady and her daughter went out on a small boat ride while the other girl scouts were sleeping. The daughter had fallen into a whirlpool and the suction pulled the boat under leaving the mother behind. After the mother died after grieving years, it is said she goes into the girls tents now and look for her daughter and sings to the girls and strokes there hair.

Merced - The Tower Theater - The Tower Theater is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young women said to have killed herself by jumping off the tower peak after being notified that her fiancé had been killed in the war. People have said they have seen the women in the theater asking if they have seen "Johnny".

Merced - Yosemite Lake at the tower - The story is told that in the 1970s at the boat tower. A mother had taken her two kids swimming and were jumping off the tower. The kids had drowned from hitting shallow waters. The bodies were never found. Every night the mother would drive her car out there and would look for her kids. She had past away and still to this day you will see a car drive out there and see a woman in a long flowing gown with her arms out crying and calling her for her children.

Milpitas - Ed Levin Park Cemetery - The cemetery is now closed, but even in the daytime, electronics will shut off, start on own, loud moans can be heard, flashes of lights and car problems. Very cold in spots.

Milpitas - Marsh Road - In 1980, a Milpitas High School student raped and murdered his girlfriend, leaving her body underneath the small bridge on Marsh Road, high up in the hills, in the middle of nowhere. Underneath the bridge is a very foul odor; electronic devices are drained of power. And when people go there at night, a white truck tries to run them off the road. When people pass by the bridge late at night, there have been witnesses who claim to have seen the ghost of the girl. As the driver looks at the back view mirror, she will appear in the reflection, but as you look back, she's gone.

Mission Hills - San Fernando Mission - Apparition of a lady in a white dress with a white scarf on her head praying at the front row of the chapel that vanishes.

Modesto - Acacia Cemetery - A very old cemetery, many people have heard a very mournful crying/screaming while driving through the cemetery even in daylight hours. Also, a very horrible feeling of foreboding often comes with hearing these cries and screams. One couple, just using the cemetery as a short cut, heard & felt it, ”The sound and feelings were very alarming in the fact that they seemed to be all around us, as if inside the vehicle with us. It was a very frightening experience due to the fact that it was indeed broad daylight when this occurred.”

Modesto - Blockbuster Video - At one of the two Blockbusters on McHenry Ave in Modesto, most employees have witnessed this entity. It seems to be male and has a desire to make contact with the living. After closing, he will activate battery operated toys that are sold in the store, open and close the locked bathroom door, turn the lights off and on and then off again, and most frightening of all, he speaks to the employees through the store sound system. When all trailer tapes have stopped running and the satellite TV display has been shut off, the ghost has been known to say things such as... "shh... listen," and "you've been bad..." Another incident that took place was after midnight when a manager and another employee went into the office momentarily only to return finding over thirty movie cover boxes stacked neatly on top of each other in the floor. This scared both people so much that they didn't investigate until the next day. The boxes were stacked in a corner of the store that the security cameras had no coverage of, so their story to their co-workers the next day was not taken seriously.

Modesto - Dry Creek Running Trial - Joggers have claimed to see the figure of an Indian man when running near this creek. Some say that the spirit of the Indian is watching over the joggers who run the trail. Others believe he is protecting the sacred land. There is also the spirit of a young man who haunts the bridge on Clause Road. It was reported that he jumped off the bridge into the shallow creek and died. Joggers have reported that while they are running in the early morning or late at night, they can hear a shallow yell or scream along with a splash. - October 2003 Update: This bridge is at the intersection of Claus Road and Scenic Drive. About 1/4 mile north of Johanson High School.

Modesto - Modesto High School - The spirit of a young man paces the balcony of the Modesto High Auditorium. There are also reports of knocking noises heard in the main hallway---where the floor slopes by the sewing room---that are coming from the tunnels that used to run under the school.

Modesto - Vintage Faire Mall - 4 girls said to have been raped and murdered haunt a store in the mall.

Mokelumne Hill - Hotel Leger - Hotel owned by George Leger in 1880, He met an untimely death, shot in gambling argument. Anyway odor of fresh cigar smoke is still smelled in his upstairs room. Owners always happy to give a tour.

Monrovia - Azteca Building - Supposed noises are heard there, and an apparition of a lady in gray white (not too clear, on that) is said to haunt the place. This place is located on Foothill Blvd. near the corner of Myrtle.

Monrovia - Clifton Middle School - Band Room - its been known that a ghost walks the band room late at night while the chorus girls are getting ready.

Monrovia - Monrovia high school - janitors and teachers have said that during the night in the second floor of the main hallway you always feel like your being watched and it sounds like someone is sneaking up behind when you are alone.

Montebello - AMC Montebello 10 Theatres - This theatre is haunted by a spirit who was stabbed and later died when the theatre first opened. Most of the activity occurs around theatres 8 and 9. Theatre 9 is always eerily cold, even with the heaters on. Upstairs in the projection booth above #9, lights turned off by employees sometimes mysteriously come back on. It is also said you can see a figure's shadow when movies are on against the wall in theatre #6.

Montebello - Bluff Road - Near the intersection of Washington and Bluff Road, at the site of the Battle of the Rio San Gabriel that took place in 1847. Spanish soldiers have been seen walking around and sometimes follow passers-by.

Montebello - DoubleTree Hotel -If you turn off the lights in the room before going to sleep, you may find the lights back on in the middle of the night when you wake up to use the restroom.

Montebello - Rosemead - Whittier Narrows Park - The figure of a Spanish conquistador on horseback can be seen occasionally around the intersection of San Gabriel Blvd and Lincoln Ave. It is said he drowned here looking for his gold buried near the river's beach. Mysterious fogs roll in and out here a lot as well.

Montebello - Temple B'Nai Emet - The halls of this building are virtually covered by darkness for most of the time during services. Three children have been known to cross the hallways from one door to another that are completely adjacent to each other. It was once said that three children were taken into a restroom stall by their father, and each were killed by slitting their throats because their father was extremely sorrowful over the death of his wife, and murdered his children to eliminate his memory of his love.

Monterey - California’s first theater- originally built as a boarding house for whalers in the early 18th century, it was converted into a theater, the only theater in California long before we became a state. is said to be haunted by the ghost of JACK SWAN. his voice can be heard calling down from the attic where all the costumes and props are kept. the voice has an electro magnetic effect as if it were on an intercom or crackling speaker system. loud enough to startle several troupers, ushers, bartenders, etc...they say it is JACK SWAN who built the old wooden pews in the 19th century. he wants to compliment all the actors on what a fine job they did with the show! they were really whooping it up or something.

Monterey - Robert Luis Stevenson House - The Lady in Black haunts the second floor of this boarding house where famous writer Robert Luis Stevenson lodged during his stay in Monterey. The Lady in Black is supposedly the proprietor of the establishment and haunts the nursery where her grandchildren died of cholera.

Monterey County - San Lucas - Salinas River - Every Halloween night there is a new report of the crying woman. She is mistaken as La Llarona. Each year the kids go on dares to walk the river past the bend. One year, the kid never came back. One year the first girl ever to do it was actually helped by the ghost. She was walking too close to the edge when the ghost pushed her away. If she would have fallen it was a 50-foot drop in about 2 feet of water.

Moorpark - Gravity Hill - after the road dips down a small hill, if you stop and put your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, your car will slowly drift backwards uphill! It’s supposedly because ghost of children killed there in a wagon accident are pushing your car.

Moreno Valley - Nason Street - Years ago, a bus occupied with children supposedly broke down and was hit by a large diesel truck, pushing them over the freeway overpass. There were no survivors. It is now said that when a car visits this site, when shut off and put in neutral, the spirits of the deceased children will push the car UP over the overpass. This only works when going South. In addition, baby powder sprinkled/poured on the back of the vehicle will allow handprints and footprints of the children to be visible. Sometimes laughter and footsteps can be heard late at night.

Moreno Valley - Old Hospital/Elementary School - In Moreno Valley, off of Nason, there is the old hospital. When the new hospital was built, the old one was turned into a small school for only the lower grades. The story goes that a deranged man came into the school with a gun where he took the students and teachers hostage. In the back, there is 2 sheds, one big and one small. It is said that he took his hostages here and killed many of them and then turned the gun on himself. The old school is now closed and many have been inside since. Inside, people have said they see figures of children and hear the cries.

Moreno Valley - Priest Hill - if you put your car in neutral on 'Priest Hill' the priest who had broke down on the road, he will push your car up the hill, with your foot not on the pedal. if you put flour on the back of your car, you will see the handprints.

Morro Bay - Morro Bay High School - have been reports of strange occurrences in both the "old" gym and "new gym" lights turning on and off, cold spots, etc. supposedly a young boy died while falling off the bleachers in the old gym and is said to haunt it.

Morro Bay - Pirate Ship Playground - Reports of two boys playing on the pirate ship in the playground late at night.

Moss Beach - The Moss Beach Distillery - Unusually shaped building is the current home of the "Blue Lady". Building used to be a speak- easy during the prohibition. A woman who worked at the establishment was married to a seaman, but had an affair with a piano player. When the husband returned from Alaska and found out, he then murdered her on the beach below. The Blue Lady is a friendly and mischievous spirit.

Mount Baldy - Ski Lifts - has a ghost of a man wearing all white. He seems to be from back in the mining days. He is wearing a white suit, with a white hat. He has a mustache as well.

Montebello - Montebello high school - back in the late 80's a woman was hung in the c building. Now if you walk by C building late at night it is said that you can hear a woman struggling. In the auditorium when the lights are turned off and you are by yourself you can hear people laughing at you and hear mysterious footsteps.

Mountain View - Moffett Field - There are several building on the old Naval Base that are reported to be haunted. One is the old infirmary, which was built in the 1930's. When the base was still operated by the Navy, Security Police Officers would check the building at night and reported seeing a little girl dressed in old style clothing inside staring at them.

Murrieta - French Valley - Boston Scientific Company - Witnesses report a ghost of a young girl around the office area between the cubicles. There are no kids allowed or anyone allowed in those spaces would have to officially check in the front office area. Also, in the woman's restroom next to the lunchroom, people have sighted the faucet turning on and off on it's own. If you are there alone in the restroom, you can hear in the last stall someone unrolling the toilet paper. In the clean room, items coming out of the bio machine have been thrown straight across the room and you can also feel someone blowing in your ear.

Murrieta - KEA Milling - All the windows and doors on ground level are cemented up, so you cannot enter the building, and there are no stairs inside. On some nights you can see a girl about 15-18yrs old sitting on the ledge of the middle top window wearing a light blue dress. If you look up at her a feeling of sadness comes over you and your eyes get a little teary.

Murrieta - Murrieta Valley High school - Apparitions of kids and equipment moves.

Napa - The Napa Cinadome - is said to be haunted by two ghosts that look like a couple. There is one spat in the last theater room in the building that gets cold enough to shed ice aver your coke, when you sit there you also feel like someone is watching you

Nevada City - The National Hotel - Apparent hauntings occur here. Built in the late 1800's the building was restored recently with the exception of the left wing. Lights flicker, cold spots and creepy feeling in this wing of the building. The hotel has hosted miners and tourists who come looking for hauntings.

Newberry Park - Stage Coach Inn - The Stagecoach Inn is an original stage stop and hotel. Pierre was killed in the original Inn. When the Inn burned to the ground in 1969, or so, it was re-built in another location using the original blueprints. It seems Pierre moved with the Inn. Pierre's room is colder than the rest of the upstairs, the docents have opened the Inn in the morning to find the upstairs runner rugs rolled up, the books in the upstairs library stacked on the floor, the sound of someone walking upstairs can be heard downstairs when no one is on the upper level. Several docents refuse to work upstairs; they feel like they are being stared at. A man has been seen several times looking out of an upstairs windows. There have been several reports of conversations with an older, oddly dressed man who vanishes when turned away from.

Newberry Springs - Mojave dry river bottom from Minneola Rd to Harvard Rd - The spirit of the "hatchet lady" is said to roam the river bottom at night with hatchet in hand. It is said she is the cause for many people’s disappearances when they walked near the river bottom at night

Newark - Newpark Mall - In the TILT arcade doors won't unlock and appear to be stuck. At night when workers used to turn off all the games in the brake rooms (there are two of them) some of them would switch back on when turned off no one else was there to do so. One of the workers spent the night there after working late one night and heard a little girl screaming in his ear. Always having the feeling of being watched when alone. Some of people that have been there say they have seen a little girl in the emergency exit door way and just disappears through it.

Newark - Newpark Mall - Anchor Blue - There is a ghost in the stockroom; it used to harass one of the female employees. It would push things over when she was in there alone. When in the office, we would hear loud crashes in the stock room, but when we would look on the camera, no one would be there. When in the stock room, you can hear the fitting room doors slamming shut when the area is empty. In the mornings, we would come in to hear the sensors beeping in the jean wall; we would dig through the piles, find the pair of jeans, and then turn the sensor off. Later on, the beeping would start up again, but in a completely different place on the wall.

Newport Beach - Balboa Island - In 1993, two kids went swimming & were killed by a rip tide. At night, strange sounds are heard and flashes of light are seen under the water.

Newport Beach - Coronado Apartments - An apartment on the first floor of the M building is haunted by the spirit of a woman. Muffled voices are heard, phantom music emanating from the kitchen, lights turned on and off, cabinet doors opened, and she has appeared as a full apparition. Apparently there was a death in the apartment that could contribute to this, but the woman’s apparel seems to be from a time predating the apartment complex's construction.

Newport Beach - Wild Goose - John Wayne's boat docked in Newport Harbor is said to be haunted by the Duke himself. Several maintenance workers, passers by, and Mrs. Wayne have seen the spirit if the actor walking the decks of his beloved yacht, or waving from the top deck.

Niles - Niles Canyon Road- A "White Witch" or "Niles Canyon Ghost" - A young woman who's last name was Lowerey was on her way to a wedding possibly her own. Riding in a horse drawn carriage near the way stop of Scott's Corners, (between Pleasanton and Sunol, CA. Area is now Highway 84/680) she was thrown from the carriage when the horses were spooked by the first of two oncoming horseless carriages (car). After she was thrown the 2nd car struck her. Miss Lowerey became the first person to ever be killed by an automobile in this area. Many have seen a woman in white by the cemetery and near by areas, accompanied with strange lights. - November update: A paranormal researcher found there's quite an extensive collection of newspaper clippings that was donated to the library by a journalist. The clippings go back to the turn of the 20th century, so they cover the period when the "accident" happened. According to the first journalist to report on the supposed haunting, about ten years after the date in the 1920's when the woman was popularly held to have died, there was no mention of anyone dying in an accident in the canyon, and county records of the time listed no account of the body of anyone who had supposedly died in Niles Canyon. There was, in the early 50's, a young man who dressed in a white sheet and jumped out in front of motorists near one of the bridges on Halloween. He scared someone so bad that they immediately drove to the nearest phone and called the police, who arrived in force (owing to the legend of the white witch) and drew guns on what they thought was the ghost. The young man was almost shot, though he was not arrested, but he had to be taken to a coffee shop where it took him until 2am to calm down sufficiently to go home. The supposed "white witch of Niles" actually follows the scenario of a common fake ghost story, that being the "hitchhiking ghost" story. The Niles ghost is most commonly said to hitchhike to one of the bridges in the area, where she disappears at the tollbooth. There is no cemetery that they know of in Sunol, which is at the top of Niles Canyon Rd. Similarly; there is no Morrison Canyon ghost. Morrison Canyon road is a primarily one-lane road that leads up to the 680 freeway. There's even a radar-testing facility up there somewhere, complete with life-size wire models of helicopters and planes, mostly upside down. Now, on the OTHER side of the coin, there ARE photographs of orbs in Mission San Jose's church and in the graveyard, though the investigator does not own them. The church, the cemetery and the grounds are VERY active.

Narth fork - the old church - built in the mid 1800. The town was once the stop for the Yosemite stagecoach. The church sets on a hill overlooking the town. At night you can see a light in the bell tower and the bell rings. This has been happening for so long the residents consider it normal. The only problem is the bell hasn't been in the church for 100 years and it has never had electricity. It still continues to this day.

North Hills - James Monroe High School - Witnesses have heard loud footsteps and opening and closing of doors when the halls are lonely. The girls gym room is haunted students have heard lockers open and close when no one is present.

Norwalk - Chavez Elementary School - Inside the main school, it is known that a former Principal and possibly a child haunts this school. From balloons passing down the halls, door knobs attempting to turn by themselves, slamming doors, and a cry or screams of a child somewhere inside the hallways of the building. The alarms go off in the building for unknown reasons late at night.

Norwalk - Metropolitan State Hospital - There have been sightings of ghosts in one of the occupied buildings. A woman was seen walking threw a wall and another time was spotted standing by the shower room. Dark figures have been seen in office areas and noise comes from the kitchen when no one is in there. A mist was seen floating knee high down the hall then disappearing into thin air. This activity has happened between 2003-2004. There has been talk of things prior to this but nothing spcific.

Norwalk - Norwalk high school - A boy in the 1980's at the age of 15 was working out by him self in the weight room when a bar fell on his on his head while bench pressing , crushing his head and bled to death he lied there on the floor till the janitor found him dead. It is know that you could here him still working out at night.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 9/28/2004 8:34:00 PM  From Authorid: 58809    haha, I'm from whittier. My friend goes, or went...to Cantwell Highschool. I IMed him about this as soon as I read it...and he was surprised "I knew." He swears it happened....  

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