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  Author:  55408  Category:(Hauntings) Created:(9/29/2004 8:09:00 PM)
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Tehachapi - La Paz - UFW headquarters/children's hospital - the swings swing of their own accord. There is blood in the bathrooms of the old hospital section (it was once a children's hospital). The feeling of death and what it has left behind is inundating...and you can hear voices. walking past a door that is shut off to the back building that is unused, a witness heard a banging on the door. The doorknob turned.

Tehachapi - Wells Elementary School - Janitors report feelings of being watched, and hearing footsteps Late at night, especially near a small memorial.

Temecula - McDonalds - In the women’s restroom a customer saw an old Indian women in the mirror behind her. As she stepped aside, the Indian women pushed her on the shoulder lightly. When she turned to face the women, she heard laughter and the Indian women disappeared. She told one of the employee's and they said they heard similar stories too. The Indian women is not mean-just playful.

Temecula - Stout Family Funeral Home - A black spirit has been seen in the embalming room of this funeral home. Many other strange experiences have occurred such as lights turning on and off, knockings at doors and ghostly whispering.

Temecula - The Gallery - Under the 15 freeway is a bridge where graffiti artist from around the world come to paint. many stories are told about a painter shot by police. Sightings of a man in a hooded sweat shirt and the noises of a rattling paint can have been reported.

Thousand Oaks - California Lutheran University - Mount Clef Dorm - Mount Clef dorm is haunted by entities, of which one of them is a young boy who is often seen wandering the hall upstairs in the 300 side. Residents find doors, which were confirmed, to be closed and locked at night when they wake in the morning. Mud has mysteriously appeared and then disappeared in beds. Pillows have been thrown across rooms in the middle of the night, after being yanked out from underneath sleeping residents. Cries and whimpering have been heard shortly after the pillow incidents. It is rumored that the dorm is built on the site of an old hotel where a little boy was murdered.

Thousand Oaks - United Artists Theaters 5 - A little boy haunts theater number 5 who was killed back in the '70's during a freak construction accident. Employees have heard footsteps behind them when no one is there, banging from the walls and exit door, blue flashes of lights by the exit door, laughter when no one else is there, and there has been one incident when 2 employees went to clean the theater and they heard a little boy say HI but when they turned around, the theater was empty. Some of the managers have also reported that the projector area for theater 5 is also haunted. Laughter, cold spots, flickering lights, and moved film has been reported.

Torrance - Bishop Montgomery High - Sightings of old nuns lurking around the third building hallway have been reported. Witnesses have also seen an old drama teacher in the drama lab and visions of blood in the hall ceiling.

Torrance - Torrance high school - In the C building at Torrance High there is a girls bathroom right before you enter the hall that is haunted by a girl from the age of 15-17. She got a pass to go to the restroom and when she went in she was raped and killed in the back of the bathroom where the second row of stalls were, beyond the sinks. It is now boarded up but you can still see a sliver of light through the boarded side, due to the window. If you look through you can see a spot of red that was said to be her blood. When you go in to the bathroom by yourself you tend to hear a girl cry and unexplained noises from the other side of the wall.

Tracy - Amore's Pizza Place - Every time you eat there someone would always be taking the salt and pepper shakers.

Tracy - Banta Inn - this is a very old restaurant and bar where the workers claim at night after closing time the money in the cash register is found neatly stacked one night an ash tray was hurled through the air almost hitting a worker who was alone in there cleaning up and some say they have heard a woman's laughter. This is all after closing time and the place is clear of people other then the person cleaning up.

Tracy - Bethany Reservoir - There have been sightings of children running through the hills around the reservoir screaming. Rumor has it that in 1962 an alcoholic father took his 3 sons and 2 daughters on a fishing trip and went insane and hunted his kids down one by one.

Tracy - Byron Inn - It is an abandoned hotel that was once used by famous Hollywood actors who wanted to "get away" from the Hollywood life for awhile. It is now haunted by some of those Hollywood stars.

Tracy - Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin - Bldg 100 - During the evening hours employees hear footsteps in the deserted mainframe room. There are only one or two employees on duty and all have confirmed the sounds. The water in the men's room, adjacent to the mainframe area, is found to be running on occasion. It's suspected that either one of three previous employees, who have died by terrible disease and suicides are the cause.

Truckee - The Star Hotel - People were seen inside the building when it was closed down. After seeing them they were gone. Also lights would be on when know one was there. It is now a business.

Tulare - Hillman Health Clinic - formerly Tulare County General Hospital - This set of buildings was at one time the county hospital. It is now a public and mental health clinic with many other services housed in the 2nd floor. The basement is currently in use by the maintenance department and there is a tunnel running from what used to be physical therapy to the main building. Many transients live in this tunnel. The main haunting seems to be on the 2nd floor. The elevator goes up and down without anyone using it. The evening cleaning lady will not work past 9:00 p.m. and has felt many vibrations she thought were heavy footsteps coming up the stairs with no one ever appearing.One staff member was taken to the basement in the elevator after pressing floor 1.

Tulare - Springville - old TB sanitarium - Cemetery - Two residents went to the old cemetery on the hill late at night to 'ghost hunt' and reported feeling someone touch them and the man had his cap pulled off his head several times, another time when they went there they heard voices in the cemetery when no one was there but they could not locate where the voices were coming from.

Tulare - Springville - old TB sanitarium - Laural BuildingThe Sequoia Dawn low income housing that is there now was once an old TB sanitarium and hospital for Tulare County. Several of the residents have had strange occurrences in their apartments and also other buildings there. There is a room in the clinic there that is so cold you feel uncomfortable in it and that room is only used for storage now. Also voices are heard throughout the buildings by residents and when they turn to look no one is there. A woman who lived upstairs in the Laural building saw an apparition of a woman in her hallway that suddenly vanished.

Tustin - Mitchell - Apparition of a lady in white and a ghost of a little boy that throws marbles.

Union City - Bronco Billy's Pizzeria - In Old Alvarado section of Union City there is a pizzeria called Bronco Billy's pizza, it is a very old building built before Union City became a city, In the after hours it is said to be haunted , there are pictures of old cowboys from the area over a century old, the place is dark and gloomy, the reserved party room is heard to be the most supernatural activity. Submit: Submit

Upland - Park Road - Park road is located in the San Antonio Heights area of Upland. People have reported seeing the apparition of an old man standing in the middle of the Park Road/Mountain Ave. intersection. If you stop at the intersection, he will come up to your car and shake it, moaning and groaning.

Upland - Pioneer Junior High School - It has been said that a ghostly figure wanders the hallways and can be seen in the dark room that is not used anymore. Also, books fall off the shelves in the library and voices can be heard when no one is around in the office.

Uvas Canyon - Croy Road - A woman all dressed in white nun-like robes was reported to be seen on several different occasions. Also, a man dressed in Victorian clothing was said to have been seen in one of the residences.

Valencia - Olive Vista Hospital - Ghosts everywhere. You can hear people chasing you. It was an old hospital that was closed but nobody knows why. It is two floors and they opened the bottom floor back up as a hospital but the top floor is definitely haunted.

Valencia - Six Flags - Colossus - there's supposedly a child in a striped shirt who occasionally can be seen at night running through the supports underneath Colossus. That, and sometimes at night the lift chain can be heard running and the clanking of the anti-rollbacks, despite the ride being shut down for the night.

Valencia - Six Flags - Magic Mountain - Cold spot and a presence felt.

Valencia - Six Flags - Revolution - formerly the 76er - On roller coaster a girl working as an attendant was crushed and dragged by incoming cars when she accidentally stepped onto the track. Some employees mention that they have seen their co-worker by the tracks in the train station or in the tunnel shortly after the loop on the coaster. They mentioned that they saw the apparition and another employee mentioned they heard screams on another occasion. It appears these incidents happen after closing around 1 AM in the morning for some odd reason. The employee had been killed though during business hours.

Vallejo - Along the Highway Near Hiddenbook - The Children of Good Serpent Orphanage: During - "The Bad" Children were sent from all around the World to Good Serpent Continuation School and Orphanage. The ghosts here are the scariest of them all. Some of the bad Appalachian Experiment Children were sent here as well.(some of these children were born deformed and others with learning problems)Some of the children that are seen here sneaking out at night were so hideous that they changes the name from Good Servant to Good Serpant(referring to the Devil).It was never listed in the Phone Directories and was the Worst Case of Child Abuse ever recorded in History. The violent souls of the Good Serpent Orphanage are still seen only in this area.

Vallejo - Lake Herman Road - This is one of the places where the infamous "Zodiac" murdered a young lady and injured her boyfriend back in the fifties or sixties, the hangout of the Zodiac was supposedly on this road as well The road is nothing but abandoned ranches and utility buildings now but a strange mist hugs to the top of the hills to the left on most nights rather than sticking to the lake to the right . . . it is on the right side of the road where the Zodiac supposedly wrote taunting letters to the police. EVPs recorded picking up a strange heavy breathing that seemed to be from a woman, and a strange feeling of not being alone.

Vallejo - Naval Training Station - The ghost of a W.W.II sailor has been seen by witnesses going down a ladder into the engine room. He then walks to a cubbyhole where there is only a desk and chair, and disappears.

Vallejo - Raley's Shopping Center - The ghosts of the 1897 trail derailment. In 1897 Vallejo welcomed the Royals of England with a train ride through the Napa Valley.It derailed and Princess Margaret and Princess Marie Elena died instantly as well as 100 of the passangers that accompanied them from the Ride from NY to Vallejo to the Napa Valley.The 100 passengers that traveled with them were the 100 servants of the Princesses of England.

Vallejo - Rancho - This started when a man was accidentally shot on Rancho on a Monday night.. Now every Monday Night people here gunshots and the man screaming and yelling for his life... Some times blood is found on driveways that no one knows where it came from.

Vallejo - Richardson Drive & Old Marche-Maher Ranch Area (Now Borges Ranch) - "Little Boy Blue" the missing Royal of France. In 1980, the authentic painting of Little Boy Blue was found in a old wore down home on Richardson Drive. The people just bought the home and the neighborhood was being rebuilt. One of the Construction Workers came across the Painting. It was Prince Louis Bonaparte Delacroix Montenegro Hollanzder of France(1879).He was going to be King. He was kidnapped at 18 years old. Right after the Royal Court painted his picture. Some say he was murdered violently still wearing his Royal Outfit. He had a met another Royal who was also kidnapped and taken here and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. The description of the ghost: Prince Louis has short dark hair combed back. He is wearing a blue army/military suit with a white collar, he looks like a teenager, he is a bit thin. He has blue eyes. He loves women. Some people say he was killed on his way to meet his girlfriend who lived in the Marche Mansion.(Located on the present-day Angelina Way Street).*Some people say every night since 1879 the ghost of Prince Louis kisses any women who end up moving to this street, going house to house watching over them. (His ghost was the Inspiration to the Story Peter Pan)WRITTEN IN 1900.

Vallejo - Vallejo Museum - The former location of the Vallejo Canteen.(A popular spot in the early 1900s for Society Members to gather) In 1922 Rose Borgia was to perform for Manuel the King of Portugual, she was his wife and somehow was left behind when she visited her nephew here in the United States. The person who served as her translator sold her to the Marche-Maher Family and they locked her up in the attic of Branciforte. She never was able to see her husband and after 2 years of practicing to Perform for him a Irish Song called "Smiling Through" She suffocated in the attic. Her ghost is often seen the in Vallejo Museum(formerly Vallejo Canteen)practicing singing with a friend (location upstairs)and later vanishes after the window opens then shuts. Some smell a scent of Gardenia, in which she use to wear in her hair.

Valley Center - Indian burial grounds - Dead Indians can be seen chasing buffalo with spears. have been heard as well.

Vandenberg AFB - Space Launch Complex 5 (SLICK 5) - His ghost approaches a security policeman's guard post and asks about a fire and then disappears.

Vandenberg Village - Cabrillo High School Theater - The ghost of a girl has been seen in the spotlight room. Her voice can even be heard from behind locked doors. Drama students have also reported being locked in the dressing rooms. Supposedly, the girl fell off the indoor balcony and died.

Van Nuys - DWP Utilities Bldg. on van Nuys Blvd. - Strong presence here. Cold spots, touching. There is a strong negative energy of a malevolent entity that haunts the building.

Van Nuys - Right Side Up - Cold spots and unexplained electrical malfunctions.

Venice - St. Mark School - There is said to be a ghost nun at St. Mark School. In the fourth grade class room there is said to be a ghost nun haunting the room. There was a nun that used to work for the school who taught fourth grade. She died and came back to haunt the school. There have been sightings of her, and at occasional times you would see the door slam by its self with no windows open. The windows in the class room would open by them selves too.

Ventura - Bard Hospital - Bard Hospital has been turned into an office building. Now things move around by themselves and lights go out without human help. If one wants them to go back on, all one has to do is say, "I'm not finished yet!" and they'll go back on.

Ventura - Bella Maggiore Hotel - Ghost of a prostitute who committed suicide haunts Room 17 - soft singing, strong smell of roses inside room and in adjacent hall, occasional mist near window.

Ventura - Cemetery Park - There was an Gutcaste, depressed teenager who had hung himself in a tree in the park. He is said to be seen hanging in the tree staring wide eyed into the distance. and there is said to be a cold chill in the air and a strong malicious presence.

Ventura - San Buena Ventura Mission - in the early morning hours you can hear chanting, cries, and children talking.

Ventura - The Olivas Adobe - is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a woman. She is reported to be seen standing in an upstairs window at night.

Ventura - The Santa Clara House - This restaurant, once a private Victorian home, is residence to a ghost of a young girl who killed herself after she had an affair with a salesman and got pregnant. Now it is said that you can see her apparition looking out the window waiting for her lover to return for her.

Ventura - Victorian rose bed & breakfast - Used to be a church on Main St. in Ventura. Emperor's bedroom is the most haunted room. It used to be a choir loft. Many years ago, a lady in the choir fell from the loft and unfortunately didn't survive. Occasionally, guests in the room have heard her singing. Other non-paying guests include a minister that sometimes tuck guests into bed in the timeless treasures room. In the Fleur-De-Lis room, guests have sometimes enjoyed foot massages, only to realize that their partner is asleep. In the large central lobby area, footsteps have been heard, even though no one else was in the room at the time.

Ventura county - Oxnard - Oxnard draining ditch tunnel - When walking thru the tunnel a strange taping on the walls and then the sound of foot steps can be heard all around you. and a weird figure blocks the light at the end.

Ventura county - Oxnard - Santa Clara Cemetery - strange things can be seen behind the tombstones as if a man was trying to hide but then vanishes some times it feels as if he were holding you back and a chill is in the air. Some times a mist covers the area.

Victorville - 7th Street - Women Dressed in 1800's style clothing stares down the street.

Victorville - El Evado Rd - It's said as your driving El Evado Rd. in the night you can see one of many different ghosts, in particular of a little girl that got hit by a car and died. Other things that have happen while driving on this road is you get cold shivers down your spine, or you see light (even though your the only one there) and sometimes you can hear someone yelling or crying.

Visalia - Cinema 1-2-3 - In the lobby there have been seen 3 different kids roaming around and following many of the visitors. When you shine your flashlight on them the light does not go through them. But yet they are still transparent. There have been unusual screaming and banging from inside the old theater. Many eyewitnesses have seen reenactments of an 11 yr old boy being thrown off the roof by a shadow like figure. There have been accounts of over 300 spirits inhabiting this theater. Some of the stories about this place date back into the 1800s.

Visalia - MWI veterinary supplies - there have been reports by workers that you can hear trays being dropped when there is no one else present. there have also been reports of a chubby man following workers.

Visalia - St. Johns River - Supposedly... people jogging on the river trail would sometimes see an Indian man in on the side of the trail walking with a horse.

Walnut - Haunted Church - Off of Nogales and Amar Rd there is an abandon Church where people are sacraficed and their blood is spread all over the walls, supposidly the ghost are violent.

Upland - Warp gate - Apparently when you drive into Upland from the Claremont bridge there is a place or persay a nonexistant gateway you go to the Baseline and Benson intersection the you start going up from benson and look to the left side and you turn into an area where construction is being done except that the machines are all old and rusted and cant work anymore you turn into that field and keep going till you are in total darkness and then wait(has to be while no one is around) your surroundings start to disappear and everything goes to a purple blackish color and the only real reason people say this is because everything around that disappears including the machines

Wattsonville - Redman House - This house is located in the middle of a strawberry field right off of the freeway. It is fully boarded up, but there are very noticeable hot spots on the roof of the house that shine blue, as well as many orbs that surround the house. From what the people that own us say, many people were murdered in this house, and it is extremely haunted. Doors slam and open on their own, people hear things happen in that house from far away. Screams of a little boy are heard as well as adults yelling for help. Strange spot.

Weed - Wayside Inn - Many guests at this old motel off I-5 have felt uneasy while staying there. During the night loud noises can be heard coming from rooms that are vacant. Even on a few occasions guests have been awaken by a knock at the door yet no one is there, and the knocking persists throughout the night. A few of the rooms here back into a field which is said to be an old graveyard. Some of the rooms have bathroom windows that look out onto the field and many guests report glowing red eyes looking at them through the window.

Westminster - Country Harvest Buffet - There are cowboys or country type of apparitions (think Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn) that have been heard and seen in the restaurant, and around the entire premise of the shopping center.

West Covina - Galster park - This park is located on a hill with 3 entrances. It has been closed off because children have been raped and murdered there. People have seen a pathway leading to the house of the murderer. The man would take the children and rape and beat them. If you go there late at night you are able to hear the screams and the pleas of the children. A boy wearing a sweater with a massive scar on his face has been seen standing at the entrance of the first or second gate. He has been seen inviting people into the park. Telling them to come in and see what is inside. The boy has been seen at different ages, one as a child and the other as an adolescent. This place is VERY real.- Extreme precautions should be taken if you dare to enter. This is no joke. a group of investigators where chased out by men carrying knives, this is not a safe place to visit.

West Covina - South Hill Elementary - Apparitions of three ladies killed by Car accident have been seen in front of the school.

West Hills - Capistrano Ave - There have been apparitions of a woman with long, dark hair, and a hooded figure standing among the dark trees at night with its eyes glowing red. Noises at night like keys jangling, creaking stairs, heavy footsteps and the like. Things also turned up missing that were never to be found.

West Hills - Shadow Ranch Park - The recreation center used to be an old ranch house that has the oldest eucalyptis trees in the state. In a riding accident a young boy was killed and almost decapitated. At night you can see the body looking down at you from the second story window.

West Hollywood - Melrose Elementary School - A janitor hung himself in the auditorium because he thought nobody liked him. Since then his ghost has been seen roaming the stage and the halls. Also, all the curtains move by themselves. Some students and teachers hear scratches on the door during class. That would also happen in the ladies restroom and the door would shake by itself.

West Los Angeles - Quicksilver TOW-O.P.G. - Many fatal accidents reported in this area. Reports of eerie feelings, cold spots, sightings of children and handprints on cars, accompanied by the inside lights of the vehicle turning on.

Westwood - Westwood Memorial Cemetery - Marilyn Monroe's ghost has been spotted hovering near her tomb.

Whittier - California High School - People have claim to see ghost in be 10 room.

Whittier - Dead Man's Park - "Old Quaker cemetery whose decedent’s are long since dead has been converted into a park. The headstones have been removed & one large marker listing the names of the dead is located in the second half of the park. Often the park is covered by a mysterious fog patch that does not extend past the roads to the houses on all sides. The fog also does not cover the road that dissects the two halves of the park. Locals say that the fog is the combined anger of the dead at the removal of the headstones. The park has very few visitors per year. Records of this information was once located in the old Whittier museum record room. Additional roomers include the bodies being moved to Rose Hills Cemetery, joggers reported the feeling of being watched, dead cats mysteriously found on the cemetery grounds, and the list goes on.

Whittier - King Richards Antique Center. Off Whittier Blvd. near Historic Whittier district. Uptown. - large Building built in 1903. Once used as an old Citrus packinghouse in the early 1900's. Now housing a Antique Mall since 1979 with 4 floors inside. The former Owners and Staff as well as the dealers experienced strange happenings. Two the stories are that 2 citrus plant workers died tragically in the mall. one story is that a worker had locked himself accidentally in the old freezer room in the basement and passed away. another is unknown how but a worker died from machinery falling onto him in the back of the bottom floor. Dark shadowy figures have been seen in closing time. The cleaning crew has quit after hours when a woman cleaner screamed from the bottom floor claiming she saw a black figure watching her. Electrical appliances have sounded off with no batteries inside. Pictures have fallen feet away from where they were hung. Saucers and objects for sell have rolled or flung off onto the floors. A empty space has got the most attention where stairs use to be, cold spots and sensitive customers have felt a presence there. Curiously young children who know nothing of the mall refuse sometimes to enter the basement where the freezer accident occurred. King Richards is history all around and the staff claims that they feel no threat from the strange occurrences. Sometimes you just feel like they want to be noticed or known. Oddly enough the happenings really become more active around October through the holiday season. Its hard to separate the occurrences said one worker. the Antique items that are brought in by dealers some time hold a past with them as well. But for the feeling of King Richards you see, to know the difference. No harm from these ghost's just a remembrance of Whittiers History.

Whittier - La Serna High School - When in the wrestling room, sometimes heard the noise of basketball being played in the adjacent small (women's) gymnasium. Sounds include: sneakers squeaking on gym floor, basketballs bouncing, shouting. Also footsteps above... on the roof?

Whittier - Rose Hill Cemetery - Haunted by children that died in a school bus accident.

Whitier - Turnbull Canyon Road - A section of the road Pushes your vehicle uphill when put in neutral and sometimes you hear a knocking noise under the vehicle or see human like shadows in the bushes. Satanic cults have been spotted there as well as ufo sightings. Cause is unknown.

Whittier - Whittier High School Auditorium - A ghost named George who was supposedly hung by accident haunts the Auditorium. He is usually heard downstairs in the Green Room.

Whittier - Women's Club, California Ave - Brushing against us gently and holding our hands. The spirit is unknown. The spirit seems lonely and slightly sad.

Wildomar - Field next to Catt Rd - a car crash here in 1983 killed a man and woman and on warm full moon nights these spirits can be seen roaming the land

Willows - The Canal - the canal here in willows is the place of many deaths; people are seen in the middle of the night walking if you turn your head and look back its gone

Wilmington - Banning Residence Museum - Generals of the Civil War are seen in one room planning a strategic attack of some kind and several people that once lived their are also seen.

Wilmington - Drum Barracks - An apparition of a blond blue-eyed man has been seen by maintenance staff and visitors. The ghost was a victim of cholera or yellow fever and was a patient there during the Civil War. The young man appears to be confused and wanders aimlessly before vanishing.

Woodland Hills - Pizza Cookery - uneasy feelings in the ladies bathroom. also witnesses feel cold spots in there.

Yolo - Woodland - Woodland opera house - said to be haunted by the ghost of a fireman killed when the original opera house burned down. The area of the basement where a wall fell on him and killed him is the site of the haunting. some people also report someone up in the balcony, they smell cigar smoke.

Yorba Linda - The Yorba Family Cemetery - haunted by "The Pink Lady." The origin of the pink lady is somewhat a mystery, but she appears on the night of June 15 every other year. On these occasions, curious locals can often be found keeping watch around the cemetery, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. There is a story about her death. On prom night, her and her boyfriend were on they’re way to the dance, on Orangethorpe St. her boyfriend pushed her out of their carriage and onto the train tracks, where she was killed by an on coming train. The reason people call her "the pink lady" is because she was wearing a pink dress on the night of her death. if you want to know more about her, just go to the Yorba Linda library and look in the old newspaper section.

Yosemite - Ahwahnee Hotel - There are World War 2 Ghosts on the mezzanine level and the 3rd floor!

Yorba Linda - Yorba Linda Church - Security personnel have reported feelings of being watched and followed during lock up procedures. EVP has been recorded in all buildings as well as outside. EVP includes the number seventeen when asked how many there were, and when asked what their names were "Kenny", "David", and "Jeremy" can be heard on tape. When a cold chill was felt near a closet, the question where are you was asked. "Hidden inside" was the answer.

Yosemite National Forest - California Pines - California pines is located in the majestic Yosemite Forrest, where people have been known to see apparitions, & have an actual physical experience with the ghosts of Indian's from the 1800's.

Yosemite National Park - Camp 6 - In a tent in camp 6 a guy hung himself. Now, during the nighttime hours on any given night, you see some one swinging from the wooden frame beneath the tent.

Yuba City - Yuba City high school theater - the ghosts of students who died in a bus crash in the 70s have often been seen on the stage. Opening night of the musical fiddler on the roof was disrupted by the lights not working. Apparitions have been seen by the light cage and the costume closets. Cold spots are always felt in the tool room.

Yucaipa - Chapman Heights - Reports of four kids walking around the housing development at night time and there is a golf course right next to it and it targets late golfers or any one on a golf cart late at night and all four kids have been seen in white clothes in the corner on peoples eyes but when you look they disappears. It also is said to shake or mess with the golf cart you are in.

Yucaipa - Pendleton Rd. - Is haunted by a woman who died of a car accident there in the 1950`s.It is said she crawled out of the car to get out and get help ,police found her 1/2 a mile away dead in the street. She is also known as the red lady of Pendleton Rd.

Yucaipa - Wildwood High Lands - it is a 18,000 sq. foot mansion where 4 young girls once lived and 1 scary night the pool boy,Fredrico, got very jealous of the older sister dating the gardner pedro. So one night he got extremely upset and horny so he took the 4 sisters and stabbed them. He threw them out the top bedroom window down into the pool below. And there is where there boddies and spirits lay till this day. If you swim in the pool then they will drag u down to the bottem but not for dead.


This is the last one for California if anyone wants me to start posting another state just post it down below.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 10/27/2004 11:50:00 AM  From Authorid: 62926    more spooky stories thanks for sharing!  

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