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  Author:  55408  Category:(Hauntings) Created:(10/13/2004 10:02:00 PM)
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Anchorage - Artic & C-St. - if you walk on Artic& C-St. in the hours of 4:00 in the morning, you will see a lady in a white dress. She appears in a park.

Anchorage - Clark Middle School - Clark is an old old school, that is truly haunted by a woman in a white dress. She'll play with instruments in the band room, appear in empty hallways in summer, and turn classroom lights off. She's not known to harm people, just to scare them. Most of the teachers tell the students there is a ghost, and she'll come up through the floors, other teachers say there's no ghost, that its all hocus pocus.

Anchorage - Courtyard by Marriot - Room 201 - is haunted by a man who died there, and his body was not found for several days according to the staff. Plus there is a ghost by the name of Ken who wanders the parking lot, and courtyard, in and around the gazebo. There is also what appears at times to be a cat walking around the hotel. It's very evident in rooms 103 and 107.

Anchorage - Dimond Center - It is said that when the Dimond center was first built, the grounds under it were sacred burial grounds from thousands of years ago, dating back to when natives first roamed the lands. While digging up the grounds to build the mall, workers came across a few graves, but due the fact they were so old and small they continued digging. Now the ghosts roam the areas and like to appear in front of lone people in the bathrooms and smaller hallways in the mall.

Anchorage - Hanshew Middle School - Some say they have seen a young girl walking around the location of Hanshew Middle School. The story is that this young girl died there during construction of the building. It seems that the young girl only comes out during the early morning and late at night. Janitors say they have seen the young girl and so have a couple children. They say the girl looks sad and shouts for help. Some say they've seen her crying.

Anchorage - Historic Anchorage Hotel - Anchorages oldest hotel is haunted my many things. Several guests have reported seeing a young girl walk the second floor hall. Also rooms 215 and 217 the TV's will turn on and off at will also the water in the tub and sink will run by itself. Employees have reported to hear people coming down the stairs when the hotel is empty, and few have seen a man walk past stairs.

Anchorage - Old Theater - Downtown Old 4th Ave Movie Theatre - Some see a Lady in the long, double mirrors that are hung up on the wall, between the Men’s and Women’s restrooms. Apparitions.

Anchorage - The Little Karaoke place - The Korean owner of this place was killed by Chinese weightlifters in 1999. The owner's spirit is sometimes seen peeking out the window.

Anchorage - Ship Creek - There is a haunting by Ship Creek said to be the spirit of an Alaskan Native woman named Marie who was murdered there in 1987. She is said to appear to Natives who are homeless and warn them not to linger. This haunting is usually reported as being between the old ANS Hospital and the old Alaska Railroad terminal.

Anchorage - UAA Wendy Williamson Theater - The Wendy is haunted by several different ghosts, but most distinctly a lady in white, a poltergeist in the light booth, and a man who pushed females down stairs.

Anchorage - West High School - It is said that in the basement, auditorium and in the area where it links to the Middle School, that there are restless creatures that are only semi-humanoid in the area that takes out the anger on a lot of students and young teachers. Rumor has it that West High and its neighborhood was once a elusive swampy forest area and the creatures there hate how their land has became so polluted and contaminated.

Central - Artic Circle Hot Springs Resort - Many people claim to see the ghost of a woman, witness things flying off the walls, footsteps can be heard, and more. The ghost likes to roam on the third floor, where the library is.

Chitna - Old Copper Railroad - Old Copper railroad was railroad between Cordova and Valdez, AK. It was closed and covered with dirt and used as a road for access to back areas along the Copper River. There has been sightings of gravestones along the dirt road in the woods, and on second investigation, they would not be there. There was government housing being built in Chitna in 1997-98. It was closed down for a while because the workers would hear voices and children laughing, and tools would be misplaced right after workers would put them down. Sometimes at night in back woods along the dirt road you can hear voices and children laughing as well.

Chugiak - South Birchwood - Badarka Road In the woods - It is said that deep in the woods about half way down the road there is a place where a 5 year old little girl was killed. Legend has it that the little girl was helping her father chop wood for the fireplace in their small cabin where their mother and her little brother were awaiting. The father had put the ax in the tree so the girl couldn’t accidentally fall down on it. The little girl was said to be a very helping child and attempted to pull the ax out of the tree and chop wood herself. While her father was taking a break, the girl pulled the ax out of the tree and it came down and hit her in the head. The girl died instantly with blood running down her face. The father stayed by her side day and night in the cold bitter winter of Alaska and died of hypothermia. It has been said that you can see the little girl lying dead in her father's arms while he mourns over her lifeless, cold, and white little body around 3:30 in the morning.

Circle - Circle Hot Springs - haunted by a former owner, they don't like renovations. Beers often move across the bar on its own. foot steps heard walking across the porch of the rental cabins

Fairbanks - Birch Hill Cemetery - There is a ghost of a young girl in a white dress, from the early 1900's.

Fairbanks - Fairbanks Memorial Hospital - Nurses have seen and experienced 'angels' in the back room when a baby in dieing in the nursery. The temp in the room drops to 60 and they experience cold chills. Also Babies can be heard in the room when their are none.

Fairbanks - mile 8-12 Chena Hot Springs Road - This road is haunted by ghostly lights. Late at night two lights that resemble headlights follows passing cars. Sometimes it will start to fly and form one bright light and other times it will just look like a fast moving car or truck with bright blue, white and orange colored lights.

Fairbanks - Northern Lights Hotel - The third floor of this abandoned building a little girl died. After that the hotel closed off that part of the building. The front desk has reported getting phone calls form the third floor room #303, a little girl saying she’s looking for her mother and then hanging up. No one was in the third floor.

Gakona - Gakona Lodge and Trading Post - footsteps, voices and tobacco smoke.

Kenai - Kenai Cemetery - There are several spirits here. One is an older heavyset woman who goes by the name Marie. There is also an older gentleman by the name of Arthur Johnson. He has been spotted maintaining his gravesite, plus the graves `f others buried there. In the back part of the cemetery are several unmarked graves that contain the remains of servants brought up here to help dig for gold, but when the gold ran dry, it was too expensive to feed them, so they were killed and buried in graves outside the main cemetery.

Kenai - Local Cemetery - There is often an old man who is transparent, attempting to maintain his own gravesite as well as others.

Ketchikan - Ketchikan High School - In 1946 a student fell from a catwalk to his death. He haunts the theatre to this day, with crying and other noise, he is visible from the stage if you look up. He is well documented by the media and school officials and seen by the majority of the students. Even after the school was remodeled. He was nick named Boochie.

Ketchikan - Ketchikan Graveyard - At night as you will drive up the main drive of the graveyard a headless woman appears for a brief instant, and then as you turn a head is visible on the roadway.

Kotzebue - NANA Museum - during spring season there is a giant puddle under the NANA museum from all the melted snow. a young boy named Alex was playing with a basketball near by the museum. his ball went under the building. he then tried to get the ball he slipped under the building and couldn’t get out and drowned in the water. people say if you bring a basketball into the auditorium and leave it on the floor and say "Alex come get your ball". you will here the ball start bouncing.

Seward - The Old Jesse Lee Home - In the 1964 earthquake, dozens of children died in the Jesse Lee Home For Children. Hear a distant giggle. Other times we could hear children jump roping, or running around.

Shungnak - The old Rec. Hall - As you walk by you can hear rattling chains. It was kept as a morgue.

Skagway - Golden North Hotel - rooms 23 & 14 are haunted by apparitions.

Soldotna - Bailey Furniture Store - The furniture store used to be a grocery store, and the owner of the grocery store was murdered, and the killer was never found. It's said that the man still haunts the place, and sometimes furniture breaks for no reason, or unusual sounds are heard from the back office.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 10/13/2004 11:03:00 PM  From Authorid: 62422    GREAT POST. I LOVE TO READ THIS STUFF.cyndi.  

Find great Easter stories on Angels Feather
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