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Extremely Brutal Double Murder

  Author: 699  Category:(Crimes) Created:(9/30/1999 2:30:00 PM)
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My 19-year old son James L. Smith, IV and a co-worker John P. Mattmiller were murdered November 18, l997. Person/Persons unknown entered Woodson Music/Friendly Pawn, Havelock,NC, right at closing(8:00 p.m.), bound the two men and beat them to death with golf clubs. Stolen were handguns, jewelry and money. To date no suspects have been apprehended. The families desperately need help to find the murderers and see justice prevail. There can not be any peace or rest until this happens. We have a web site with pictures and other information. www.clis.com/crow Any help from the public is greatly appreciated.

How it changed my life:

The death of my son changed my outlook on life, my trust in the goodness of humans was almost destroyed, and my main goal in life at this time is to generate any publicity I can to keep the story in the public eye until the evildoers are caught.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 10/10/1999 10:58:00 PM  From Authorid: 101    Dorothy, you can copy the text of what you have to this site and have it at both places. Admin...  
Date: 12/6/1999 4:31:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 699    Thanks to all who have looked at this site. Your kind comments are greatly appreciated.
Date: 12/21/1999 5:45:00 AM    I hope that you find your son's murderer(s).
Take care and I will pray for you.
Date: 12/21/1999 7:17:00 PM    I know just how you feel.My 13 yr old daughter was spending
the night with a friend in July of this year and someone
came into the house and beat Chelsie the other little girl and her mother to death
then set their bodies on fire to cover up the murder's.All I can think about is finding who done this to them.
The Police think it was the mother's boyfriend;and so do we.
We do everything we can to keep this in the public's eye.We starded a ribbon campain.(sorry if not spelled right)
Chelsie's favorite color is neon green,our whole community is covered in neon green bow's.
Think about doing something like that take his favorite color make bows and start hanging them all over the place;
go to your local news paper,local news stations
tell them what the bow's are for have people to hang them on their mail boxes;car's trees or anything they can hang them on.
tell the news what the bow's are for tell them and the community what they are for. Tell them you want them to fly until the murder is solved and justice
is served alot of people will back you trust me.Let me know what color and me and my friends and family will fly one for your son.
please read my story THE Murder of my 13 yr old daughter.please let me know something I will help you any way I can!!!!I am not going to let this go unsolved and forgotten.
we have done alot of thing's to keep this in the public eye and I will not stop!!!
We had a convoy for justice Sunday 27 big truck's
and 40 ohter vehicle's and7 harley's 2 other motorcycles.
people will help if nobody will help you let me know;Me my friends& family will.
I am very sorry ,MEALONIE
Date: 12/22/1999 6:57:00 AM    To the last person who wrote in last. I am very sorry and I hope you can get thruogh it all with out any more pain.
Date: 12/26/1999 1:39:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 699    Mealonie. I would like to hear of any more ideas you may have concerning publicity and share some of the things we have done. My e-mail is crow@clis.com. My prayers are with you.
Date: 8/31/2000 10:19:00 AM    To everyone: I am sorry about all the deaths that have been happening. I wish the world could be kinder to other humans, but I know that isn't going to happen probably.........if anyone reading this wants to add a memorial to their Angel you can do so at:


We have over 100 members that can help you with emotional support.

Love, hugs, and prayers, Angel
Date: 10/3/2000 8:30:00 PM    how sad it must of hert
Date: 10/3/2000 8:35:00 PM    how sad it must of hert
Date: 7/9/2002 10:33:00 PM  From Authorid: 35160    omg, im so sorry 4 ur loss. 8^( huggs shay  

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