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Nightmares About Satan

  Author: 1025  Category:(Dreams) Created:(10/13/1999 11:45:00 PM)
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I was seventeen years old when I had my first dream about Satan since then I often have dreams where I come into contact with him.I have always had vivid dreams for as long as I could remember I always dream in color and am able to smell and control my situations..sometimes.

I remember the dream as if I just dreamt it last night.. I should first tell you the events that took place prior to the dream or at least what happened that night.I had a steady boyfriend whom my parents despised I would meet him in secret so naturally we did things that we weren't supposed to do like have sex,well,that night we did and it was that night I became pregnant,however at that time there is no way I could have known it would take at least a month to confirm it but it was that night I dreamt of Satan.

In my dream I remember walking through hallways hearing voices telling me that I was lucky,that I was the "chosen one".I didn't understand what they meant until I walked into a room with a bathtub and a mirror I remember looking at my ownreflection in the mirror and was shocked to see how my face began to come alive with color and beauty but yet it was so dark and somber I continued to hear these voices telling me not to be scared that it woould be over soon and that i was fortunate to be having "The Masters" baby i knew what they meant they were talking about the devil.It was then when I looked down and saw myself and the pregnant belly that was filled with his child I then remember standing in the bathtub filled with blood the smell was horrible and then I felat "labor pains" and gave birth.I remember being scared and running with my child all the while hearing the devils voice in my ear saying that he wanted what belonged to him I could hear his nails scratching at the walls around us but I could not see his face.The dream then changed to Christmas scene and I seen the child that I had given birth to and he was a beautiful little boy but yet I felt the evil.It was then when I woke up but I could not move or scream or cry I felt the immense evil surrounding me so with all the strength i could muster I began saying the Lords Prayer I knew I was awake but I could not move..I think most of you know what I'm talking about.A few weeks later a doctor confirmed that I was pregnant and had possibly concieved that night I had the dream.A few days later I had a miscarriage and went through a severe depression.I continued to have the same dreams but that is a another story, it's been six years since those dreams occured and they sometimes appear when I least expect it.

The funny thing is that now I have many female problems due to that miscarriage

I have one child now whom you probably read about in my other story"Warnings in a Dream" I will continue to write about the other dreams I had about Satan maybe someone can tell me why.

How it changed my life:

Sometimes the unbelievable is alot more real than we think.Our dreams tell us more than some of us would like to know and for others it brings a calm. Listen to your inner voice.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 10/14/1999 6:21:00 AM  From Authorid: 1036    Read the Bible, and if you every have a child name it after and apostle of the Lord!!
Date: 10/14/1999 9:28:00 AM    cool
Date: 10/14/1999 10:29:00 AM    Don't laugh, but your boyfriend may have been a
Satanist-someone who worships Satan. If you became
pregnant with his child,your dreams may have been
a message from God-a way to warn you of what
happened. Also, your miscarriage may have been
caused by God to prevent an unholy creature from
being born. It may sound sick-or even sadistic,
but it might have all happened for the best.
And don't worry, everything will be OK!
Date: 10/14/1999 10:31:00 AM  From Authorid: 225    maybe you dreamed the dream because you knoew you werent suppose to be out with your boy friend , and it scred you so bad it has since played a roll in your mind comeing and dreaming of it every once in a while . i have dreams and the dreams often come back and play over and over . it is wierd but i dont know what else to say besides that . i dont think you should worry about the dream though .  
Date: 10/14/1999 11:19:00 AM    I agree with the statement above me. It is your subconscious telling you what you did was wrong and this how your body was telling you. I don't believe that your unborn child was a product of the devil or anything like that. Just let go of the guilt and take pride in your new little one and treasure what you have. cll
Date: 10/14/1999 11:33:00 AM  From Authorid: 830    it could be guilt causing you do have those dreams.or if you ever dabbled with drugs like xtc that could cause those nightmares long after you stopped using.it happened to me and my friends.for years this nightmare continued.i don't know if they were real or not.i would wake up because all of the sudden i couldn't breathe and something extremely heavy would have my shoulders pinned down and my back would arch up because i was trying to get this thing off of me.Though i couldn't see it i knew it was satan.So,i would call out Jesus's name though i could hardly speak it because of this emmence force on me.After the 5th time or so of repeating his name the last jesus would come out sounding like satans voice.the deepest scariest voice i've ever heard in my life and then it was over.i would wake up not knowing if i was already awake or dreamt that,grasping for air.i had that nightmare at least 10 times.one night i was asleep with my girlfriend,the only time it happened when someone else was there,she woke me up because she said i was breathing really heavy and that was when satan had me pinned and i couldn't breathe. dallas  
Date: 10/14/1999 12:18:00 PM    Christians don't "let go of the guilt"--they
repent. The child was conceived during a sinful
act--sex outside of marriage. I hope you have
turned to God and repented.

Some people still feel guilty after repenting
and need additional support and encouragement from
family, friends, and clergy. Best wishes!
Date: 10/14/1999 1:12:00 PM    I'm sorry, but I have to comment about the statement above mine here. I'm the one who wrote comment #5 about letting go of the guilt. I believe in God and that Christ died for us, I was raised Catholic. But, not all people who are Christian have the same moral code that some live by. The comment I made about letting go of the guilt had nothing to do with moral conduct or faith. I think(I may be presuming here) that she was feeling guilty about going against her parents wishes not only about seeing her boyfriend but slipping away with him and doing things they weren't supposed to be doing. I think just by her feeling guilt, is showing that she is "repenting". Besides which it really isn't any of our business if she is sorry or not, I just made a suggestion that may have a little more common sense and is a little less frightening that thinking that these dreams and the miscarriage may somehow be linked to supernatural occurences. Like I said before, just try to get on with your life, which it sounds like your doing if you've had another child, and cherish the time together. I don't preach to people about forgiveness or my beliefs because I feel that the way I live and how I act says a lot more than preachy words. Everyone has the right to believe or not believe as they do, and no one else has the right to tell them that the way they are living is sinful and to "repent", no offense.
Date: 10/14/1999 1:26:00 PM  From Authorid: 830    The joy of having a child drowns out any guilt you may have been feeling 9 months earlier.God is caring and full of love and i'm tired of these "christians," trying to cause people to fear Him.We are all miracles! dal  
Date: 10/20/1999 8:56:00 AM  From Authorid: 820    I agree with Dal......and GREAT story. Can't wait till you post more!!!!!
Date: 10/23/1999 10:19:00 AM    u have the same prob as me!
Date: 11/17/1999 6:13:00 AM    I have had dreams of a black shadow standing next to my bed at night. I have dreams of a black shadow and I feel it is Satan. I pray until I fall asllep but I feel that all this is due to me playing around with the ouija. I regret it now because I get frightened and I feel I can't even move because something bad might happen. Two years on I have not touched the ouija. It is tempting but the dreams are too frighteneing and sometimes so is reality.
Date: 11/17/1999 7:55:00 AM  From Authorid: 1067    These dreams might just be some sort of message to you, but most likely it sounds like it could be a manifestation of you guilt. Even when you think that it is thrilling to sneak out and do things that you know that if caught, trouble is unevitable, you still have your conscience telling you it's wrong and that in itself can be what your dreams are about. Perhaps your parents extreme dislike for you boyfriend brought upon this dreaming of Satan?
Date: 6/4/2000 7:29:00 PM  From Authorid: 9558    I believe you.Be carefull.It could mean something.I understand because I have evil dreams too.If you want to talk about it go to one of my sories and reply.

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